Software development is a fast-moving industry and we can see today that a lot of companies are doing a transition from traditional VCS like Subversion to Git. It’s to support that effort that we’ve developed Stash, our Git development platform for teams, at Atlassian. With Fisheye/Crucible 3.4, we improved the integration with that platform as well as the Git indexing performance to help people who have mixed environments. But that’s not all! We implemented a stalking header to focus on the content of your reviews and commits and new API calls have been implemented to facilitate the administration of your instance.

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Have Git repositories in Stash? Adding your repositories has never been more simple

In Fisheye 2.7, we added Git repository management to help teams moving to DVCS. Fast-forward a couple of years later, we replaced that offer with Atlassian Stash, a dedicated Git hosting platform for teams where you can manage access and collaborate on code. To support our customers doing a migration and having mixed environments, we made it easier to add Stash repositories to Fisheye and Crucible. You can link your instances together to be able to index repositories in a click.

By adding your Stash repositories to Fisheye you will be able to search and browse all your codebase, regardless of the SCM used. You’ll also have the possibility to do changeset reviews with Crucible.

Faster to index Git repositories

Git support got a lot faster

As I mentioned above, it’s important for us to make it easier to add Stash repositories into Fisheye and Crucible. This is why we extended the scope of this development to not only be about a better user interface, but also to include performance improvements. With the improved Stash integration, we also wanted to make it faster to index Git repositories. The new indexing approach improved the initial indexing of Git repositories by more than 60 percent. It’s up to 12 times faster to get your new branches indexed.


A bigger, better view to stay focused on the content

With this new version of Fisheye and Crucible, we wanted to eliminate all the distractions to help you focus on the source. This happens automatically as you scroll down in changesets and reviews so that you can navigate through code changes with an optimized view for it.You don’t need to use shortcuts anymore to toggle the full-screen mode as it happens naturally.

Adding Git repositories from Stash to Fisheye and Crucible

New REST calls for repository administration

When you have a large instance of Fisheye and Crucible, it can often be hard to manage all the repositories via the admin user interface. That’s why we’ve added the possibility to create, update, and remove repositories via REST APIs. You can now use the API to integrate with your systems and automate your processes.

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Fisheye/Crucible 3.4: Fullscreen mode, Stash integration