Vincent.pngThis is a guest blog post submitted by Vincent Thoulé. Vincent started his journey with Jira by implementing CMMi in IT services for a European Bank. After 4 years of committed work on Kaamelot, in 2009 he accepted to join Pyxis Technologies in Montreal in order to continue the Jira adventure on a full-time basis.

Minyaa is proud to announce that the 2.3 upgrade is now available!

Minyaa Suite is a plugin containing 6 modules designed to extend Jira’s functionality. This is the final post in a 3-part blog series about Minyaa.

The first post is an introduction to using Minyaa for time tracking, and the second explores using Minyaa to optimize workflows and issue linking. In this final post, you will be given an overview of the remaining Minyaa modules: Core, Tools, and Project.

minyaa-suite.png Minyaa Core

Minyaa Core provides supporting features for the Time, Workflows, Spread and Projects modules, enabling you to:

  • Manage Minyaa settings (Each plugin has its own Settings section)
  • Manage the Jira installation
    • Apply a patch to Jira files (i.e. the plugin scheme integration in the project page)
    • Perform upgrade tasks depending on each version
  • Extend basic configurations
  • Extend database models
  • Share different resources (Icon, JS, CSS)
  • Manage license keys
  • Integrate plugin module extensions (similar to Jira Module Type module descriptor)

minyaa-tools-icon.png Minyaa Tools

This module contains miscellaneous features of Minyaa that don’t fit into the scope of the other modules.

minyaa-projects-icon.png Minyaa Project

Minyaa Project was created in order to contain all features concerning project management (not the issues, but the projects themselves). Currently, the only feature provided is the ability to delegate user and group memberships to the project leader.


If you need to use this feature, you will have to make some integrations into your own plugin.

With such small features, you may understand why the Minyaa Time and Workflow modules are presently available separately, while Minyaa Spread, Tools, and Project are (for the time being) only available in the full edition.

But, changes are undergoing…

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On behalf of Pyxis Technologies and Minyaa Team, we hope you had a festive and merry holiday season. To find out more, follow Minyaa’s Blog or follow us on Twitter for updates and news.

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