Google taught us that finding answers should be easy. Why should it be any different for your customers? A survey by leading analyst firm Coleman Parkes shows that:

  • 91% of customers say they prefer self-service if it were available and tailored to their needs
  • 40% of customers contact a call center after they can’t find answers to their question via self-service

Self-service lets your team do more with less—less cost, less time, and less bandwidth. Learn how you can make your knowledge work for you and satisfy customers at the same time.


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During this 30-minute presentation, learn how to:

  • Reduce the volume of requests through self-service
  • Empower your customers to easily search and self-serve for solutions
  • Improve team efficiency with a self-service catalog
  • Add value to your organization by implementing self-service
  • Activate smart article suggestions for true ticket deflection
  • Implement knowledge management with Jira Service Desk and Confluence


Your Questions, Answered

During the webinar, there were over 100 questions asked by audience members. Our Q&A team chose their top 10 questions to answer in this blog. Enjoy!

Q1: What is the relationship of Confluence licenses to Service Desk licenses? 

A1: If you’d like to use the self-service knowledge base, you’ll need to have a Confluence license as well as a Service Desk license. Integration happens at the click of a button and your knowledge base will be ready to deflect incoming requests. Pick up a Confluence license here!

Q2: Does Service Desk integrate with a team space in Confluence or does it only connect to a knowledge base space?

A2: Service Desk will integrate with any Confluence space you choose.

Q3: Do your customers need a Confluence license to view the knowledge articles?

A3: Nope! You can allow anonymous access to your Confluence space, which means that anyone can view your knowledge at no extra cost. Customers are also free with Jira Service Desk.

Q4: Is it possible to exclude certain terms from the automatic article suggestions feature?

A4: Yes, you can configure your customer portal to only search the knowledge base for specific terms you set.

Q5: Is the customer portal customizable?

A5: You bet! You can brand the customer portal with your company’s color scheme and logo. More info on that here.

Q6: Are there any case studies available?

A6: We are thankful to have customers like Twitter and Vistaprint to share their success with Jira Service Desk.

Q7: Does Atlassian use Jira Service Desk and Confluence for

A7: We have enabled service desk for several of our projects at Many other teams at Atlassian are also using Jira Service Desk. For example, the Customer Advocate team moved over to a Service Desk from an existing Jira project and are happy with the functionality it provides them.

Q8: Can more than one space be assigned as a knowledge base?

A8: You would link a single Confluence space per service desk. For additional information, check out our documentation.

Q9: How do you limit Client A from seeing Client B’s issues in the customer portal?

A9: By default, Jira Service Desk does not allow another customer to view any other requests besides the ones they’ve submitted.

Q10: How much does Jira Service Desk cost?

A10: Jira Service Desk starts at $10 for your first 3 agents and is $25 per agent per month for more. See our pricing page for details!

Here’s a link to watch the webinar again, or share it with your team. And learn more in the recent blog post 7 Knowledge Management Tips to Improve Your Service Desk.


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