Atlassian is absolutely stoked to announce Crowd 2.0. This release is the biggest Crowd release we’ve ever put together and is the result of over six months of very hard work by the entire Crowd team.
We’ve satisfied over 220 votes, including all the top three issues. Some of the highlights:

  • User aliases – integrate applications that don’t support renaming users.
  • chart38884.png

  • Massive performance increases – so big we spent a week checking they were real. Some calls are a thousand times faster on PostgreSQL!
  • New UI for user and group management – finding and managing users is faster and simpler.
  • Nested groups for all directory types – making it easier to manage permissions.
  • AddUsersToGroup_Annotated.png

  • Auto-addition of users to groups – when you want new users to be automatically able to access Jira and Confluence.

There’s a whole heap of goodness in this release – we’ve tidied up a bunch of stuff that used to make your life painful. Check out the full release notes for the gory details.

Crowd 2.0 Is Here!