I’m a huge fan of Dropbox, in fact I could not get through a day of work without it. It’s one of those tools I use everyday, just like Confluence, our enterprise wiki. In this post I’ll show you how you can access all the files in your Dropbox account in any Confluence page thanks to Confluence’s support for OpenSocial Gadgets.

What do I need to get started?

  1. You must be running Confluence 3.1 +
  2. You need a Dropbox account

How do I set this all up?

It’s pretty simple, really. Just follow these three short steps.

1. Register the Dropbox OpenSocial Gadget

Your Confluence Administrator will need to register the Dropbox Gadget under Confluence Adminsitration > External Gadgets.

Enter the following URL in the Gadget Specification URL field and click ‘Add‘.


2. Insert the Dropbox Gadget in a Confluence Page

When editing a Confluence page, launch the Macro Browser and search for ‘dropbox‘.

Select the Dropbox Gadget and enter your Dropbox username and password before clickingsign in‘ and then ‘Insert‘.

dropbox-gadget-settings.png3. Save Your Confluence Page

Boom. You’re all done.

saved-wiki-page.pngGet More Gadgets

Check out the full list of Atlassian Gadgets that you can add to your Confluence pages or try out the Dropbox Gadget on the Confluence Sandbox today.



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Access Your Dropbox Account in Confluence...