Today marks a major milestone in the evolution of enterprise collaboration. Today we celebrate the birth of Confluence 3.0, a new generation of the world’s most popular enterprise wiki.

Powerful Macros at Your Fingertips
Confluence 3.0 introduces the Macro Browser, a new way for users of all experience levels to build content-rich pages in seconds. The macro browser exposes the macros in your Confluence site – charts, task lists, photo galleries, RSS feeds and more – through a point-and-click graphical interface.
Confluence 3.0 comes bundled with over 80 out-of-the box macros and can be extended with hundreds of other third party plugins like Balsamiq mockups or Gliffy diagrams.

Creating Social Interactions
Confluence 3.0 also includes a series of new features that help people discover new colleagues and experts through the content they contribute to the wiki, and establish valuable connections and networks to coworkers.
The features that improve people discovery include:

  • Hover Profile – hover over a users name wherever it appears in Confluence to view summary profile information, follow the user or click into his complete user profile;
  • Enhanced User Profiles – personal profiles now let users enter personal information like position, department and location while displaying the user’s recent activity, current status and people in their network.
  • Redesigned Personal Spaces – Each user’s personal space now includes a collapsible side panel that shows detailed profile information such as recent activity, current status and people in their network.

The features that improve people connections and relationships include:

  • Status Updates – post a 140-character message to share links, ask questions or simply inform coworkers on what you’re working on;
  • Networks – follow other users to add them to your personal network and track their activity throughout your Confluence site;
  • Activity Streams – view an aggregated stream of all the activity recently undertaken by all the users in your network;

Customer-Focused Improvements

Confluence 3.0 also delivers a number of customer-requested improvements such as:

  • Upgraded PDF Export – PDF export now produces higher quality output and provides greater control through customized stylesheets, title pages, headers and footers.
  • Major performance improvements – Response times for clustered environments are up to 100% faster while response times for standalone environments are up to 40% faster.

You can learn more about the new features and improvements in the the Confluence 3.0 release notes. Early reports from beta customers indicate that 3.0 is the best Confluence release yet. But don’t take our word on it, download it and try it yourself or watch our latest video:

Introducing Confluence 3.0 – Meet the Macro ...