What does Jira have in common with a London pub?

According to LogicSpot Director Mark Haller, more than you might think.

LogicSpot, a UK-based website design and development firm, had been using spreadsheets for years to manage its development process when it decided to ditch them for Atlassian products. Mark and his team adopted Atlassian products Jira, software for issue tracking, and Confluence, team and content collaboration software, for creating and organizing web-based documents.

This allowed them to work directly with clients and easily share information while developing and building their websites. As a result, LogicSpot significantly reduced the time and effort it takes to create and design award-winning websites, and instead can spend more time brainstorming with clients at the local pub.

Watch how Mark and his team use Atlassian products to deliver stunning websites:

Collaborating with the customer

The team begins each project by making a space in Confluence. Using Jira’s built-in issue collector, clients can raise issues or identify “to dos” externally. LogicSpot gathers customer feedback as the team designs and develops the website.

“I think using Jira and Confluence has improved our interactions with clients enormously,” said Haller. “It allows us to be really transparent with the client.”

It also improved communication and shortened the customer feedback loop. “Before Atlassian, we would have breakdowns in communication pretty much on any project,” said Haller. “Now, we don’t. We spend less time going through the punch lists and more time talking about the experience we want to create for our clients’ customers.”

Issues and brews

You won’t catch Haller and his team in the boardroom. Instead, you’ll find them just down the street, meeting with clients at local pubs in the area of Richmond, London. LogicSpot’s company philosophy is to be natural and transparent when communicating with clients, rather than forcing interaction. Haller believes using Jira and Confluence helps his team better achieve this goal: “The transparency that we foster carries right through to the Atlassian products.”

Cheers to that, Mark.

You can read more about LogicSpot’s integration of our products here.

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