Bamboo 3.0 is ready for download. Faster builds? Check. Improved UI? Check. Git support? Check. Jira Release Management? Check. Continuous deployment ready? You bet!

What’s new in Bamboo?

Continuous Deployment

Software needs to be continuously tested, integrated and deployed to ensure production readiness. In Bamboo 2.7 we introduced a new way to articulate the steps in your build process with Stages and Jobs. The goal was to speed up the feedback cycle and reduce testing time. While Continuous Integration servers enable us to automate building and testing, there was only one more step to automate – deployment. Bamboo 3.0 delivers this functionality, allowing you to run your deployment continuously or on demand.

Introducing Artifact Sharing

Artifacts produced from a Job can now be shared with Jobs in subsequent Stages in the same Plan.

  • Save build time: speed things up by avoiding costly rebuilds of your application in each Stage. Use artifact sharing to pass your artifacts to Jobs in another Stage.
  • Increase confidence: run the same artifact through all the Stages of your build process knowing that no commits or tasks changed/modified it.
  • Commit, build, test, and deploy: build it once and have the confidence that the final artifact has been thoroughly tested and is ready to deploy.


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Improved UI

Find the important information faster with the improved Bamboo UI. Bamboo 3.0 introduces UI changes focused on making it easier and more intuitive to setup, navigate, and view Plans, Stages, and Jobs.

Plan and Job Summary

Plan and Job summaries have been improved, allowing you to view the summary of a plan at-a-glance and efficiently navigate build plans. Highlights include:

  • Plan navigator: shows the Stages and Jobs hierarchy in a Plan, as well as allowing quick navigation to Jobs. Stages and Jobs become much easier to follow.
  • Actions menu: common functions have been moved into an ‘Actions’ menu for easy access.


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Build Results

The build results page makes it easier to find the status of your Stages and Jobs.

  • Status ribbon: see whether a build was successful or not on the Plan or Job level, at-a-glance.
  • History navigator: browse the history of Plans or Jobs to navigate to prior and subsequent build results.

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Free Release Management Plugin

bamboo-release-management.pngAtlassian has acquired the Bamboo Release Management plugin, and it’s now free and covered by our support team. Combine the version management of Jira with the automated build capabilities of Bamboo to complete your release workflow.

At the core of the Bamboo Release Management plugin is the ability to connect your Bamboo continuous integration server to Jira during a build to determine which version to label a build as. This means that you can now manage version labels simply by using Jira’s version management system. Also, with one-click you can tag builds, branch to the next version and release versions in Jira automatically.

Git Support

Continuing to expand Bamboo’s offerings to distributed version control systems (DVCS) like Mercurial, we introduce support for Git. Bamboo now supports Subversion, Perforce, CVS, Git and Mercurial out-of-the-box.

And a bunch more…

  • Scheduled repository polling – schedule when you want to poll your source repositories for changes.
  • Configuration changes captured in audit logs – all configuration changes are now recorded in the audit logs.
  • Maven 2 artifact sharing (beta).

Check out the Bamboo 3.0 release notes for more details.


Deep dive into Bamboo 3.0

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Ready to download

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