Bamboo 3.3 is now available for download. This release focuses on satisfying our #1 voted feature request and making it easier to administer Bamboo.

What’s New in Bamboo?

Multiple Repository Support


Bamboo’s #1 voted feature request has shipped in Bamboo 3.3 – multiple repository support. Monitor and checkout code from multiple repositories including Subversion, Git, Mercurial, CVS and Perforce. Multiple repositories in Bamboo are great for small projects that wish to build and include externally developed open source software as part of their project, or large projects that consist of multiple modules located in different repositories.

  • Easily build large projects: large projects are often composed of smaller, self-contained modules. Module externals in version control systems such as Git and Subversion can be a real headache – now you can build without using externals or submodules with Bamboo!
  • Build on different repositories: switched version control systems recently? Still have legacy projects in your old system? Use Multiple Repositories to checkout the source(s), build, and test just as if all the projects existed in the same repository.
  • Build binaries for open source projects: if you need to build an open-source library from source to include in your project, it’s now easy to do with Multiple Repositories and Bamboo’s Bitbucket and Github support.
  • Public and Private source: in some scenarios, you may have some parts of your source code public and other parts within a secure or private repository. Bamboo allows for multiple checkouts within a single Job to checkout source from both repositories.
Drop the complicated scripts,
externals and submodules and use the repository configuration interface
to easily administer your repositories.

Checkout code with Tasks

Not all tests require source code to be checked out; you can utilize the flexibility of Bamboo Tasks to only checkout code from the repositories that matter for a particular Job.

tasks-multiple repo.png

Configure Tasks to checkout source code from multiple repositories.

Hint: To ensure all code changes across different repositories are attributed to the right person, Bamboo 3.3 now supports multiple user aliases. If your username is “clarkkent” in one repository, and “superman” in another, you can map both aliases to the same user in Bamboo. That’s not only handy in the DVCS world, but it is also useful for Plans with multiple source repositories.

Reload-able Plugins

Install plugins from the Plugin Exchange and enable them without restarting Bamboo.


With more and more Tasks becoming available on the Plugin Exchange, it’s important that you can install new Tasks without scheduling a downtime for your whole build server. Find the Tasks you need, install them, and have your build up and running in minutes:

Improved Dashboard

Use the improved “My Bamboo” dashboard to view your latest changes, favourite builds, and build history to quickly find the information most relevant to you.

Commit centric view

It’s great to know what builds are broken, but for a developer it’s even more important to know whether their recent commit was the cause. The Latest Changes section in your “My Bamboo” dashboard now provides a commit centric view of builds in Bamboo, showing builds in relation to an individual commit and providing a way to assess a level of overall confidence in a commit. Get clear, pinpoint feedback on what builds your commits are impacting.


Upgrade agents with ease

Bamboo administrators will save valuable time with automatic upgrades of remote agents. No longer do you need to manually upgrade and restart your remote agents with a Bamboo upgrade – it’s automatic. Agents now start-up faster, auto update and reload plugins.

There is more…

  • Java 7 Support – Java 7 brings some great additions to the language, and with Bamboo 3.3, we provide full compatibility with Java 7
  • History friendly tabbed navigation – by loading tabbed content via AJAX we significantly improved the page-load times so you can browse your build results faster

This release has over 35 new features and improvements implemented. Check out the full release notes for more details.

Ready to download

Download Bamboo 3.3 now to get started with a 30-day FREE trial or upgrade your current instance.

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