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Meet the newest member of the Atlassian Developer Tools Family – Stash.

Atlassian now offers a centralized solution to manage Git repositories behind the firewall. Streamlined for small agile teams, powerful enough for large organizations.

For many companies, hosting an internal source control server and maintaining access to repositories can be a difficult and time consuming process. Now, you can focus on building great software and let Atlassian Stash take care of your repository management.

Built for Git. Focused on the Enterprise.

Git is on its way to becoming the world’s most popular version control system. It attracts new converts because of how it provides developers the choice to branch off and work in isolation, for easy integration of code into the larger project. With the most common operations (like commits) happening on their local workstations instead of over the network, Git can speed up development time compared to centralized version control systems like Subversion, making it a top choice among open source and greenfield projects.

Many online services (including Atlassian’s Bitbucket) have emerged to help early Git adopters share and manage their code. Open source projects and many startups have taken full advantage of these solutions to collaborate on code. Adopting Git brings many advantages, but also the challenges of administering a server for Git repositories. For enterprise teams, Git adoption is slower because of the IT administration challenges for larger projects and larger teams.

  • Development Teams need a way to develop quickly and share their Git source code in a central location
  • Businesses need an efficient way to keep repositories organized, secure, and on their own servers
  • IT Administrators need a reliable system that can be configured to fit into their environment

Meet Stash, Git repository management for Enterprise teams.

A Central Place for Your Source – Simple Repository Management

Git is all about creating new repositories, sharing that code with your team, and rolling it all together into a cohesive project. As your projects grow, so does the number of contributors and stakeholders, the number of repos, and the number of active branches. With all of these moving parts, product teams need a central place for their code base, and a plan to keep it organized as it expands.

Stash delivers you a central, secure solution to create and manage distributed repositories, on your own servers. Developers can trust that they will find the latest official version of a project. Managers can trust that users’ access to code is appropriate for their role, and assigned with minimal administrative overhead. Let Stash be the central source of truth for all of your source!

Empower your Team with Projects & Permissions

Simplicity is beautiful: Stash is focused on keeping developers productive and promoting familiar workflows. Working with Git can be incredibly fast and productive, but managing Git repositories and permissions can get complicated. Stash keeps you and your developers productive by providing a way to structure your repositories and manage permissions via a simple, yet powerful user interface.

Software projects often involve more than one Git repository. Stash organizes repositories by Project – making it easier for teams to find and contribute to code used by that project. Think of Projects as a logical and practical organization of repositories.

Using the project structure you can grant a simple set of project permissions to users and groups to control access to repositories. This provides confidence that the right users and groups have access permissions to a project.

Your Rules, Your Environment

Stash fits into your environment and doesn’t force you to use a pre-packaged appliance which you don’t have any control over. Built on the same rock solid architecture as Jira and Confluence, Stash will feel right at home on all platforms.

Installed right on your own network, administrators have full control over how Stash fits into their environment. With Stash, you get Atlassian’s plugin framework plus a full, open REST API for customized integrations.

Enterprise User Management

Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, Stash’s user management and permissions are flexible enough cater to any use-case you throw at it. This flexibility spares you from duplication of effort when rolling Stash out to your teams and on-boarding new team members. Features designed for user management include:

  • Manage users in Stash: small teams can manage all their users and groups directly from Stash
  • Jira for user management: use Jira as your central user management server and manage all your users and groups with your familiar Jira environment
  • Corporate LDAP: easily connect Stash to your LDAP server – Active Directory, OpenLDAP and more – to manage your users and groups
  • Crowd: use Atlassian Crowd as central point for all of your user management, including Stash, Jira and other business applications

Development Traceability

The key ingredient to any source code management solution is its relationship to issues. Connect Stash to your Jira issue tracker to get the full benefits of issue and source traceability.

Stash keeps track of all issues associated with commits. Users can use Stash to quickly see all issues associated with a commit, or use the Source tab on Jira issues for an aggregate view of all the code changes that are related to a specific Jira issue. With this information available, your development team saves time when tracking particular bug fixes or improvements.

Fast Source Browsing

Distributed version control is fast, and many teams have the mantra to “commit early and commit often”, so it is easy to miss what is going on with your project on a day-to-day basis. Instead of viewing commits on the command-line, you can use Stash to browse recent commits, inspect the file history, dive into changesets and view annotated source. This means source code is also easily accessible by release managers, testers and other team members who don’t work from an IDE.

Meet Stash Today

Stash – Git Repository Management for Enterprise Teams. Try it, we know you’ll love it.

Questions & Feedback

Do you have questions about Stash? We have answers. Check out our Stash frequently asked questions, ask away at Atlassian Answers, or log feature requests on our public Jira issue tracker. Learn about which code repository is right for your team?

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