The hand-off between customer support and engineering is a critical one for many organizations. With this seamless, two-way integration, your support agents and developers can easily collaborate, edit, update or resolve a ticket from within Zendesk or Jira. Create synergy with your teams, and delight your customers.

By integrating Zendesk with Atlassian OnDemand, you can allow comment sharing between your support agents and Jira users, mapping of important fields between tickets and issues, and the ability to automatically solve Zendesk tickets by resolving Jira issues.

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Integrating Atlassian OnDemand and Zendesk lets you:

  • Create a new Jira issue from a Zendesk ticket
  • Link a ticket to an existing Jira issue
  • Map Zendesk ticket fields to Jira issue fields
  • Automatically resolve Zendesk tickets by resolving Jira issues
  • Link multiple Zendesk help desks to a single Jira account

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Still not convinced? Here are some testimonials from customers who have integrated Zendesk with their Atlassian development suite.

“With Zendesk for Jira we can easily engage our developers on support requests. This is a massive time-saver since we only have to track tickets in one platform, instead of two.”

-Andy Fleming, Halogenics

“Zendesk for Jira gives customers a simple way to pass help desk tickets straight from their customers to their development teams. Our partnership is going to make lots of happy customers.”

-Jay Simons, Atlassian

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