Those who have peered into the culture of Atlassian are sure to have noticed the company values we hold near and dear.

Although a little more reserved than its boorish, Open Company, No Bullshit and Don’ t#@!% the Customer cousins, our company value Build with Heart and Balance is so important to us that we take a day out each year to celebrate it.

Atlassian Friends and Family Day is a chance for Atlassians to thank those close to them for their help, patience, and support of the company and our hard working staff.

What better way to do this than to create our very own carnival just for our folks to play in, all on us!

The rides are loud, the Dagwood dogs* are hot and prizes are ready for the taking.
Step right up to the Atlassian Carnival!

* Urban dictionary defines a Dagwood dog as:
An Australian food… Basically a sausage in a stick fried in batter. 
Also known as a corn dog in America.


Build with Heart and Balance, rides, clowns, and D...