Distributed version control systems are not just the future, they’re now, and Git has emerged as one of the most popular code version control systems out there. A plethora of online services emerged (including our own Bitbucket) to help early Git adopters share, manage and collaborate their code. For the open source community and many startups, these services have been nothing short of terrific for encouraging code collaboration.

But for companies that want to host Git behind the firewall, there are challenges of administering a server for Git repositories. This can be especially complex for larger projects and Enterprise teams. Fortunately, as of today, there’s Atlassian Stash.

Atlassian Stash (as in a place to stash your code, not moustache (smile) ) is our solution for helping teams manage their Git repositories behind the firewall. We’ve been using it for months now and we love it, and hope you will too. You’ll find Stash loaded with tons of goodies to help you manage your Git repositories:

  • Repository management: Add users and groups, create and manage repositories, and use Stash’s Project Structure to logically group your repositories
  • Works in your environment: Designed for reliability and performance to support your growing Git repositories within the safety of your firewall.
  • Connect your code to your issue repository: Connect Jira and Stash for traceability between issues and source.
  • Source browsing: Browse repositories, drill into changesets, explore files & file history and view diffs

Read more about Stash on the Dev Tools blog.

For a limited time, we are offering a 25% discount on your new Stash license! Ready to dig in a little deeper? Learn more about Stash or download a 30-day free evaluation.

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