Accelerating our journey to the cloud, together

Accelerating our journey to the cloud, together

To focus on the world-class cloud experience you deserve, we are simplifying our self-managed offerings.

As an Atlassian customer, you’re an important member of our community. Some of you have been with us for more than a decade, and as your needs have evolved, so have we. Today, the majority of you are already benefitting from the advantages of cloud, like streamlined administration, instant scalability, and quicker time to value. In fact, more than 90 percent of you start with Atlassian cloud products, with more server customers making the switch every day.

From staying ahead of the latest regulatory and security requirements to expanding our ecosystem with a new development platform and introducing flexible plans, we’ve continuously invested in our cloud tools so that your teams can work flexibly and innovate quickly.

We’ve also taken our cloud offerings to the next level by building a modern, intuitive, and unified experience across all our products to transform how your teams collaborate. We’re leveraging automation and machine learning to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks and enhancing our integrations to power seamless workflows across your teams. 

But, when it comes to our mission of unleashing the potential of every team – including yours – you need us to move faster and go even further. In response, we are announcing changes to our server and Data Center offerings in order to sharpen our focus as a cloud-first company. While these changes are in service of your organization’s long-term success, we know the transition will be hard for some of you. So in the spirit of “open company, no B.S.”, I am sharing everything you need to know about these changes and the support we will offer you along the way.

Upcoming changes to our server products

On February 2, 2021 Pacific Time (PT), the following changes will go into effect:

On February 15, 2024 PT, the following change will go into effect:

To facilitate a smooth transition, we will offer three years of support and maintenance for your server products and provide loyalty discounts for eligible customers to upgrade to our cloud or Data Center products at a lower price. For those ready to explore cloud, we’ve built the Atlassian Migration Program (AMP) which provides you with step-by-step guides, free migration tools, a dedicated migration support team, and a free cloud migration trial for the length of your remaining server maintenance up to 12 months.

You can read more about these changes, review a detailed timeline, explore options for upgrading existing server licenses, learn about implications for your server apps, and much more here.

Augmenting our Data Center products

Even with three years to prepare for these changes, we understand that not every customer will be ready to make the switch from our server products to our cloud products. And, some of you have business requirements that might prevent you from ever operating in the cloud.

For these customers, we’ll continue to offer our robust self-managed enterprise edition, Atlassian Data Center. This will include new capabilities and integrations that make it easier to use our cloud and Data Center products together, like unifying the admin experience for areas such as user management.

We are also strengthening Atlassian Data Center by making some of our most powerful apps available natively and offering Priority Support with Data Center subscriptions for most user tiers. To support this continued innovation, we will update the price of Data Center subscriptions on February 2, 2021 PT.

Your journey to cloud is just that: a journey. Some of you may be able to move quickly, and for others, it will take longer. Either way, the time and energy you invest in transitioning to cloud will pay dividends in several ways.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, we will remain by your side every step of the way. Here’s what we recommend you do next:

  1. Learn about these changes and your options: Find a timeline of changes, answers to all of your questions, and recommended next steps on our website.
  2. Decide on your path: There are many paths, and you have time to evaluate your options. Learn more about the migration process here.
  3. Ask for help: If you need support along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team or ask the Atlassian Community.

I understand that these changes may feel daunting, and they can be disruptive to your business. Whether you choose our cloud or Atlassian Data Center solutions, I want to assure you that our teams at Atlassian and our network of Solutions Partners are here to help you execute a successful migration and lay the groundwork for a promising new future. 

I want to close by saying thank you to the nearly 175,000 customer organizations that put their trust in us each and every day. I also want to give a special shout-out to those of you who have worked with Atlassian for more than a decade. We appreciate your continued support, and we are committed to your success.

For our shareholders, we will share further details in our Q1’21 shareholder letter on October 29, 2020 PT about how we will support customers through these changes to our server and Data Center products, and help customers migrate to cloud.

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