If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if (insert Atlassian product) did…” there’s a good chance that someone else had the same thought and built an add-on to do exactly what you want. Welcome to the Atlassian Marketplace: home to thousands of add-ons for your favorite Atlassian products.

From new integrations to all-time favorites, these are our top picks for the month of December. Check them out!

Featured cloud add-ons

Uber for Hipchat

Uber for Hipchat is a just another way you can use Uber, but this time for your team. With this add-on, your team will be able to summon an Uber ride any time you need to ride together whether it’s an Uber to lunch, or for your next team event.

AWS CodeDeploy for Bitbucket

Want to test that pull request in a staging environment? Or deploy that branch for a customer demo? Or reproduce that gnarly issue from an early version of your product? Your team can now deploy from the UI with the touch of a button.


Featured server add-on

Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence

This add-on lets you turn your Confluence pages into professionally-styled PDF documents. Scroll PDF Exporter uses a built-in template designer to style your PDF documents with your required look and feel. The export themes are similar to the Blueprints functionality that we all know and love in Confluence.


Once you’ve downloaded these add-ons, be sure to check back at the Marketplace where new add-ons are being added every day.

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