This is a guest blog post from Steinunn Tomasdottir of Tempo, the maker of Tempo Books.

This April, Tempo released Tempo Books, a modern and flexible professional services solution on top of Jira. Tempo Books for Jira is built on years of experience and customer feedback. As a result, our add-on is designed to address the unique requirements of professionals using Jira and Jira Agile for their sold services and client projects.

Tempo Books addresses the frustration of attempting to maintain your client billings in two different locations; using Jira for your projects and issue tracking, then exporting the data to finalize billing. Tempo Books provides peace of mind by having an overview of your customers, their budgets, and logged hours based on a price table.

Another challenge facing professionals is trying to answer the question of how well team members are utilizing their time. How is your team contributing to customer profitability? Tempo Books can help answer those questions for you in addition to tracking your account budgets.

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Translate your worklogs into value

As a professional selling intangible products, you base your value on logged billable hours and strive to achieve sales and performance targets. With Tempo Books, you can set hourly prices for your team differentiated by role in the price table. As your team members log time on issues for client projects, your worklogs are translated into value.

Set utilization targets

Measuring performance and utilization can help generate a higher profit margin. Set your performance targets and billing margin with respect to logged hours with Tempo Books and keep your clients happy. The utilization report combines both team effort by customer and by account category. On a higher level, you can investigate how your team members are spending their time and get total reports for all categories.

Manage your clients’ budgets

See how your accounts are performing by tracking the hours and amounts logged for each issue type and account category. Tempo Books visually depicts your budget, making it easy to see if you are over or under budget. Your clients can be involved in the process from start to finish using Jira and Tempo Books’ permissions and customizable reports, giving managers and team leads responsibility for client projects transparency and centralized information for informed decision making and management.

Available on the Atlassian Marketplace

Tempo Books is available for a 30­-day free trial for Jira Server and for purchase on the Atlassian Marketplace. Pricing starts at $200 and all license tiers come with 12 months of full software maintenance ­including all updates and online support. Tempo’s cloud team is working hard on getting Tempo Books into Jira cloud later this year. An introductory 50% discount applies to all Tempo Book license purchases for 25 users and up, until Atlassian Summit (November 3, 2015).


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About Tempo

Tempo is a recognized leader in project and portfolio management solutions for Atlassian’s Jira platform. Tempo Timesheets was voted the top Atlassian Marketplace add-­on of 2012. In addition to Tempo Books, Tempo Folio, a project and portfolio financial management add­-on for Jira, was also published earlier this year. Tempo has partnered with more than 80 Atlassian Experts around the globe for resale, training, and consultancy in local languages.

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