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In April, we announced Atlassian Intelligence at Team ‘23 in Las Vegas. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What’s equally exciting are all the bonza 🇦🇺 AI-related apps in the Atlassian ecosystem that support even more of your needs.

Let’s start with Microsoft Teams.

Tap into Jira and Confluence with Microsoft Teams’ Copilot

Last month during the keynote announcement at Microsoft Build 2023, we were excited to announce the integration of Copilot in Microsoft Teams with Atlassian Confluence and Jira Cloud. This integration enables users to easily ask questions from your Confluence knowledge base, as well as capture, assign, and advance work from Jira – all within the chat.

Atlassian Ventures-backed AI apps

In addition to our partnership with Microsoft Teams, we’ve also been busy supporting the broader Atlassian ecosystem to bring AI capabilities to you. Atlassian Ventures, our corporate venture capital team, has already invested in several companies using AI to make teamwork more efficient. Check out these highlights.

Efficient meeting management, team collaboration, and data analysis

Adam.ai: An all-in-one meeting management software with an AI assistant for transcriptions, highlights, and prompts. It’s a single place for teams to run efficient in-person, hybrid, or virtual meetings, create collaborative agendas, record decisions, and assign tasks.

Spinach: Powered by GPT-4, Spinach gives your software teams actionable meeting summaries, suggests ticket updates, and writes stakeholder reports.

SimplyPut: Ask plain-language questions about your company’s data and get answers via the power of ChatGPT and GPT-4. No code needed.

Customer feedback and communication

LaunchNotes: Gravity, LaunchNotes’ AI-powered Jira Marketplace app, leverages proprietary machine learning to classify, automate, and derive insights from any backlog in seconds.

Released: Keep your customers engaged and in the loop with fantastic-looking release notes created straight from your Jira tickets using generative AI capabilities.

Administration and automation

Adept: Adept is inventing an entirely new way to get things done. They’re building a machine learning model that can interact with everything on your computer so that you can take your goals, in plain language, and turn them into actions on the software tools you use every day.

AppForge.ai: If you’re a Jira administrator, health checks for your Jira Cloud instance have never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can see how healthy your configuration is. The system is checked using machine learning, data mining, and AI.

Atlassian Ventures‘ portfolio companies and other ecosystem partners are rolling out a steady drumbeat of AI capabilities. But if you know Atlassian, you know we don’t intend to stop here. The Atlassian Ventures team has their ears to the ground, eager to explore opportunities to support even more startups with strategic investments.

Impossible alone. Possible together. Onward!

AI in the Atlassian ecosystem