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Atlassian + Snyk integration

Atlassian and Snyk enable developer teams to more rapidly and easily build and secure cloud native applications. Native Snyk integration into Atlassian tools automates security so development teams can build, test, and release secure software faster and more reliably.

Atlassian + Snyk
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Create Jira issues directly from Snyk

Raise issues on vulnerabilities and license issues directly from Snyk UI for vulnerabilities and license issues.

Jira Issues creation within Snyk UI
Jira Issue Form Fields within Snyk UI

No two Jira projects are the same

Support required and custom fields, assign different issues to different projects.

Bitbucket Cloud

Open an existing Bitbucket repository or create a new one and navigate to the Security tab to install the Snyk integration.

Find & fix vulnerabilities with embedded scanning

Snyk identifies vulnerabilities as they emerge, right next to the code in your everyday workflow. Snyk’s contextual information and actionable advice helps you quickly and proactively resolve vulnerability and license issues.

Finding and fixing vulnerabilities using Snyk embedded scanning in Bitbucket
Snyk Pipe Workflow

Scan your builds with Pipelines

Use the Snyk Pipe to seamlessly scan application dependencies and container images for vulnerabilities as part of your CI/CD workflow.

Find vulnerabilities before security knocks on your door

Proactively resolve issues rather than waiting for security to pass along urgent tickets to resolve later.

Snyk security alerts you of urgent ticket issues

Shift incident management left

Introduce Snyk’s security automation early into Opsgenie workflows to mitigate incidents.

Snyk security automation integration within Opsgenie
Snyk recommends fixes for vulnerabilities caused by source code changes

Proactive alert management and remediation

Teams receive alerts on changes in source code that introduce vulnerabilities with fixes recommended by Snyk.

Why Snyk and Atlassian?

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Security natively integrated into Atlassian tooling

Get automated security via Snyk, directly embedded into the DevOps processes you run in Atlassian tools.

Easily & efficiently embed security into software development processes

Code, build and ship securely and manage incidents.

Complete vulnerability and license management

Developer teams own and build security for the whole application, from code & open source to containers & cloud infrastructure.


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