Two-way Zendesk Slack and Teams Integration

Sync Zendesk tickets with conversations in Slack and Microsoft Teams to automate support, operations, and IT workflows.

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Unify your Zendesk tickets and chat conversations to create an easy-to-use, lightweight help desk

Turn messages into tickets

Use an emoji or message action to quickly turn messages into trackable tickets synced with Zendesk.

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Two-way sync with threads

Two-way sync with threads

Threaded messages create responses to the Zendesk ticket, and responses from Zendesk tickets post back to the thread in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Submit forms in Slack and Teams

Create tickets and categorize them with unlimited forms and fields synced with Zendesk.

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The second I saw it (Halp), I said where do I sign? How do we get this, because this is exactly what I want to do. This is the tool I’ve been wanting since my first day at Slack"

Josh Senick, Senior Manager, Business Technology Operations, Slack


The benefits of conversational ticketing

Halp is a modern, lightweight help desk for humans who love Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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Automate your day with powerful workflows

Use our workflow engine to automate actions based on ticket fields, forms, keywords, replies, and more.

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Actionable reporting on team performance

Measure ticket volume, response/resolution times, and agent performance.

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Get notified about ticket updates directly via chat

Track ticket progress and update end-users and agents directly in Slack or Teams to ensure fast resolution.

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Capture & answer email based tickets

Manage tickets submitted via both email and chat all in one centralized place.

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Loop in key stakeholders to streamline approvals

Add outside collaborators to a ticket so they can see its history and easily reply for quick approvals.

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Manage and search tickets in your tool of choice

View ticket lists and history, manage admin settings, and reply from an easy to use web interface.

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Customize fields, statuses, and forms

Streamline operations with easily customizable settings that fit your team’s individual needs.

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Improve response times and customer satisfaction

Meet your employees where they already work and automate repetitive tasks to handle requests quickly.

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Empower any team to manage their own requests

Set up queues and route tickets to different teams within your organization.

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Made for IT and business teams

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HR 팀이 채용부터 오프보딩까지 전체 직원 수명 주기를 관리할 수 있도록 하세요.

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Works standalone or integrates with the systems your team already uses

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Don't have a ticketing system? Use Halp's powerful ticketing platform on its own.

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2-way sync comments, fields, and forms with multiple Jira projects.