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Bitbucket Data Center is a self-managed solution that provides source code collaboration for professional teams of any size, across any distance

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Next generation Git

Bitbucket Data Center is the next generation Git server solution with active-active clustering for high availability and Git mirroring for performance across geographically distributed teams.  

Plus, give the right access, to the right people, at the right time with LDAP support, permissions at the branch level and workflow control.

Code collaboration at scale

With innovative features in Bitbucket Data Center like pull requests, smart commits, code search, Git mirroring, and Git LFS (Large File Storage), teams can stretch Git to support a growing business at the speed of LAN.  

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Integrations that matter

With Bitbucket Data Center, teams can customize their development platform using integrations and add-ons. Integrations with other Atlassian tools come out-of-the-box while the Atlassian Marketplace offers hundreds of add-ons to meet your team's needs.

Bitbucket Server vs. Bitbucket Data Center

Feature Bitbucket Server Bitbucket Data Center
Collaboration via pull requests Check mark Check mark
Branch permissions Checkmark Check mark
Flexible workflows Checkmark Check mark
Git LFS Checkmark Checkmark
Smart mirroring Checkmark
Active-active clustering Checkmark
Zero downtime backup with integrity tests Checkmark
SAML 2.0 support Checkmark
CI + issue tracking integrations Checkmark Checkmark
Marketplace with plug-and-play add-ons Checkmark Checkmark


Why Data Center?

Struggling to convince your team (or boss) to make the leap to Bitbucket Data Center? Download our PDF outlining all the benefits, including a formula to calculate ROI. 

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Bitbucket Data Center for Champions

The benefits of Bitbucket Data Center

Bitbucket Data Center provides source code collaboration for professional teams of any size, across any distance

Disaster Recovery

 Deploy an offsite disaster recovery system in the event of a complete system outage. Keep your services up and running with index replication and database synchronization. 

Performance at scale - A solution that grows with you. Bolster concurrent user capacity while avoiding performance degradation with ease.

Performance at scale

Intelligently share load between nodes to bolster concurrent user and build capacity and avoid performance degradation.

Instant Scalability - Add nodes to your cluster without downtime, ensuring application resilience and maximum uptime for your users.

Instant scalability

Add nodes to your cluster without downtime or additional license cost to maximize resilience and uptime as you grow.

Code collaboration on steroids - Bitbucket Data-Center

Code smarter, ship faster

Use inline comments to collaborate on code right where it lives. Control code reviews and pull requests with ease.

Integrations that matter - Streamline your development process. Customize Bitbucket Data Center utilizing extensive APIs or add-ons found on Atlassian Marketplace

Continuous integration

Monitor your builds and detect issues before they become a problem by linking to CI and issue tracking tools without impacting performance.

Enterprise support and services - Proactively plan your growth with Bitbucket Data Center and gain critical access to a dedicated senior support team with Atlassian Enterprise services.

Enterprise support and services

Atlassian offers Premier Support for 24/7 help and Technical Account Management for proactive analysis and help planning Atlassian deployments. 

Track your work

Get instant, shared visibility of work in progress by connecting commits and pull requests to Jira Software issues.

Continuously integrate

Monitor the status of Bamboo builds in Bitbucket Data Center and detect blockers before they become a problem.

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Bitbucket Data Center