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20 great ITSM add-ons for Jira Service Desk

Recently, we were thrilled to learn that Jira Service Desk was named the #1 Most Affordable ITSM solution and the #1 Most Popular ITSM software by Capterra, an independent review site that compiles reviews from millions of users.

In addition to service request, incident, problem and change management templates for requests that make it easy for any team to set up a new ITSM project, we have some add-ons that can help with everyday service management.

Service Request Management

Jira Service Desk’s customer portal makes it easy for anyone to file a request. Here are some great add-ons that can improve the customer experience when they file requests:

Customize your service desk with your company’s branding.

Knowledge management

If you have Confluence, you are in luck: Jira Service Desk integrates with Confluence. Self-help articles will automatically show up when customers enter certain keywords, and can deflect tickets for your IT team. We also have invested in machine learning: Over time, your service desk will learn which keywords are relevant to which articles.

Other great add-ons that help you get the bang for your buck with Jira Service Desk and Confluence:

Take advantage of Application and Server templates.

Incident management

If you work in technology, perhaps you heard about the latest AWS outage in February. Even the most versatile software companies have bad days.

Your team needs to be prepared for the inevitable bugs and incidents. Jira Service Desk’s powerful integration with Jira Software means that IT teams can quickly report, communicate, and solve outrages with IT operations teams and developers. Yet there are many ways to be on top of incidents by integrating with communication, monitoring and automation tools.

Get a bird’s eye view of your team’s incidents with Splunk for Jira Service Desk’s dashboard.

Change Management

Many high performing IT teams deploy at least twice a day.

In order to mitigate risks and manage expectations, it’s crucial for the IT team to be on the same page with processes and tools.

At a glance see all high level projects and see if there are risks and dependencies based on timelines.

Asset management

Insight – Asset Management for Jira is an enterprise ready solution that allows you to control and manage all types of assets as well as connecting Jira issues to them.

On top of that, what would you do if we told you that you could do a network scan and auto-magically get detailed information about all network attached assets (such as printers, servers, computers, routers and switches) being used? Insight Discovery’s integration with Insight can do this.

The Insight platform can not only do that, but it can also:

See at a glance how all your applications and servers relate to each other.

There are also other add-ons that touches the asset management area such as this one for inventory management.

Improved communications

Communication is the lifeblood of any organization’s collaboration culture.

Get real time notifications about incidents.

Want to check out these add-ons for yourself? Check out the new marketplace!

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