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Jira Core helps your teams manage work, projects, and processes, no matter the complexity.

Project Management

Project Management

Jira Core delivers industry-leading project management functionality to help you plan, track, and manage your team’s work.

Views and Reporting

Views and Reporting

View your work, and the results of your work, in the way that makes the most sense for you, your team, and stakeholders.

Admin Controls

Admin Controls

Jira Core is the most configurable and customizable tool in the market today with granular control over security, privacy, and process.

Project Management


Use Rules to automate important actions in your processes so teams don’t miss steps.

Smart links

Transform messy URLs into easily understood file names w/ logos for links from Google, Dropbox, Figma, & more.

Task relationships

Understand how your work is related to, linked to, or dependent on other tasks.
Task-level security

Task-level security

Safe for sensitive work, lock down tasks so only specific users can see certain tasks and information.


Keep track of tasks by labeling a task however makes the most sense to you.



Organize your work into shared projects as kanban boards and task lists for your initiatives.


Divide work into manageable pieces for you and your team to get work done faster and with better visibility.

Sub tasks

Break up a task into smaller parts, or show additional steps to complete an overall task.

Start and due dates

Track important dates and times so that everyone is working together, no matter the time zone.


Add files from your computer, Dropbox, Google Sheets, or Google Drive to any task or conversation.

Sync tasks across projects

Mark tasks as a duplicate across projects to keep track of work between teams.


React to comments with emojis and likes to show exactly how you’re feeling.


Use our pre-made templates to get any team started quickly on their work from day one.


Versions represent points-in-time for a project and help you organize your work by giving you milestones to aim for.


Use Automation to prompt confirmation from the right stakeholders when tasks reach a certain stage.


Group tasks into sections in any project to match workflows, break up types of work, and keep tasks organized.

Views and Reporting


Create dashboards made up of charts and filters to keep track of work the way you want to.


Monitor the status of projects across every team, simultaneously, with Advanced Roadmaps.

My work

Every user has a personal space to organize and prioritize their daily tasks and project work.

Custom field reporting

Report on custom fields across projects and teams with over 30 charts and reports.


Sort, rank, and filter your work based on any criteria or custom field.

CSV import

Bring any data into Jira Core in an instant, no manual entry necessary.


Ensure your work is fully auditable with task change history and tracking.

Work log

Track the time spent on tasks with Work Logs enabled on every task and project.


See any set of tasks on a Calendar to get a clear view of when work is due.


Get a real-time overview of how busy team members are across projects, and rebalance work to keep projects on track.


Start learning fast with 30+ prebuilt, yet customizable, charts and graphs.

Project export

Export to CSV, Word, XML, and JSON if you want to slice and dice your own data.

Advanced search

Filter work based on specific criteria that are most important to your team. Save your filters to see work across projects, assignees, custom fields, and more.


JQL stands for Jira Query Language and is the most powerful and flexible way to search for your work in Jira.


We're auditing our products to ensure they are compliant with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 AA. The VPAT and general Accessibility Statements are available under Product VPAT documents.


Custom fields

Track any kind of work in Jira Core with custom field names, types, and values.

Global configuration

Standardize the way your company works with global settings, workflows, and automation rules.

Permissions and privacy controls

Set up custom permission and privacy profiles with market-leading granularity.
Custom fields
Custom fields

3000+ Apps

Extend the power of Jira Core with apps for every and any use-case.

Rich APIs

Automate processes with Jira’s robust set of APIs.

Custom themes

Custom colors and themes are the fastest way to customize Jira Core for everyone.

Custom branding

Turn Jira into your company’s tool with custom branding in both the application and browser tab.

Data security

Built with enterprise-grade security in mind, see why the Fortune 500 trusts Jira and Atlassian to keep their data safe.


We undergo independent third-party audits and certify our products with SOC2, SOC3, ISO 27001/27018, PCI DSS, and more.


Atlassian Access and our Identity Manager were built to keep companies of every size safe and secure.

Customizable workflows

No matter the complexity of your processes, create customizable workflows that map to any style of work.

Task screens

Only show the relevant fields and information so that each team gets their own experience.

Task types

Task types distinguish different types of work in unique ways, and help you identify, categorize, and report on your team’s work across Jira.

Project duplication

Eliminate time spent recreating your team’s common workflows and configurations.

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Track the overall status of any project with upcoming status reporting functionality.

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Track work and stay up to date on the go. Just like our web app, you can use it to create tasks and get updates on their progress.

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The standard way to access Jira Core Cloud, view your work from any device with access to the internet.

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