Enterprise measurement and insights with Jira Align

Understanding how your teams are progressing toward objectives is key to enterprise agility. In this webinar, we’ll dive into the reporting capabilities in Jira Align, including Enterprise Insights, the specialized reporting offering that enterprise teams need.

Every enterprise makes large investments in its data strategy. But many companies are missing something key to managing their portfolios: data from the system of record for work.

Without the data that enables analysis of progress against objectives, portfolio managers are flying blind.

Jira Align offers dozens of pre-formatted reports, as well as custom-built reporting. And with the built-in BI solution, you can incorporate data with other business reports to get the deeper insights your organization needs to drive innovation and deliver on your strategy.

In this webinar we will:

  • Take a deep dive into built-in and custom portfolio-level reporting
  • Show how Enterprise Insights can be used with other systems, such as SFDC, Snowflake, and Hadoop
  • Walk through reports integrated with Jira data and 3rd party apps
  • Show how Enterprise Insights can quantify the ROI of your Jira Align purchase



Derek Huether headshot

Derek Huether

Principal Solutions Engineer

Ces 20 dernières années, Derek a contribué à transformer les méthodes de travail dans des agences fédérales, comme les Archives nationales et le National Institutes of Health, ainsi que dans des entreprises telles que Walmart, GEICO et Capital One. Lorsqu'il travaillait chez Capital One, il a dirigé l'implémentation de Jira Align/Enterprise Insights à l'échelle de l'entreprise. Il a également fondé Agile Baltimore, une organisation communautaire dédiée à la promotion des pratiques Lean et Agile dans la région de Baltimore (Maryland). Il a écrit plus de 600 articles et publié deux livres.