Scale Jira Software as you grow

Data Center is a self managed solution for uninterrupted access to Jira Software and maintained performance at scale.

Unlimited access

Uninterrupted access

High availability with active-active clustering minimizes downtime to reduce impact on team performance and productivity. In the event of hardware failure, disaster recovery keeps your teams online.

Scale to meet your needs

Easily scale Jira Software with your organization. Meet high demand instantly by adding nodes to a cluster with zero downtime and no additional licensing fees. Indexes and plugins are automatically synced.

Unlimited access

Support the way your team works

Adapts to your teams

Jira Software lets teams work how they like. Create custom workflows, rules, triggers, and integrate with the tools they already use. Get a single source of truth for work being done with the flexibility teams need.

Scale Jira Software as you grow

Data Center provides High Availability, Disaster Recovery and performance at scale.

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Disaster Recovery

Deploy an offsite Disaster Recovery system for business continuity even in the event of a complete system outage. Shared application indexes get you back up and running quickly.

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Distributed load

Intelligently distribute load across your cluster for the highest quality of services. Dedicate nodes for particular teams, API traffic, or tasks, and drive remaining traffic to others.

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Performance at scale

Avoid performance degradation. Each node in your Data Center cluster increases capacity for concurrent users and provides a consistent user experience under high load.

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Zero downtime upgrades

Deploy the latest version of Jira Software when and where you want, while providing uninterrupted access to your users. Say goodbye to planned downtime and get your nights and weekends back.

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Mission critical

Jira Software is mission-critical and an hour of downtime results in a significant loss in productivity. Can you afford that?

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Built-in SAML 2.0 support

Integrate with large identity providers for simpler, more secure single sign-on (SSO) for your users. Choose from a large list of popular identity providers, including Okta, OneLogin, Azure, and Active Directory (ADFS), Bitium and PingOne.

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Deployment flexibility with AWS

Deploy Data Center on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to minimize infrastructure configurations and costs and deploy your entire Data Center cluster in a matter of minutes. Elastic capabilities let you automatically scale to meet growing demand.

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Integrate with the tools you use

Deep integrations with developer tools and a host of Data Center approved apps in our Marketplace let you build a best in breed solution.

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Enterprise support and services

Atlassian offers Premier Support for 24/7 help and Technical Account Management for proactive analysis and help planning Atlassian deployments.

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#1 agile tool for software development teams

Jira Software is used by more than 35,000 teams worldwide. With out-of-the-box best practices, flexible workflows, rich customizations, and deep integrations with tools you already use, it's no wonder that it's become the standard for agile planning and tracking among software teams.

"With Jira Software Data Center we've reduced application response time from 150ms to 80ms. Even with peak traffic response times remained steady."

Joe Hostler
Production owner, Cerner Corporation

Jira Software Data Center