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Can’t afford to have work stop? 6 tips to scale your Atlassian products

Quick poll: Which of these situations sound the most relevant for you?

If these examples from Atlassian’s enterprise customers Cernerthe US Department of Defense and technology provider Amadeus made you think “how did they do that?”, this blog post is for you. 

As a software or IT leader, you own your company’s Atlassian tools and Agile, DevOps or ITSM strategy. Estimating and planning for growth in usage is likely a key priority for you. If so, you’re not alone.

We are increasingly seeing a trend in hundreds of our enterprise customers: soon after they start using Atlassian products, a large number of their teams start depending upon Jira Software, Confluence and other products to do their work every day. So they simply can’t afford to have access to these products interrupted, because daily work would stop.

What these customers experienced is rapid organic growth which made them reconsider their strategy to account for this scale. We’ve learned a lot from their journeys, so we wanted to share some key recommendations we have observed. Hopefully these help you get ahead of the curve and plan for this imminent growth.

Signs of large-scale organic growth

You can see that your Atlassian product usage is growing, and your teams are using these products every day. But how do you know when your growth may require new strategies? Here are some tell-tale signs we have observed:

Business indicators

Product adoption indicators


Some tips to prepare for large-scale organic growth

Perhaps you are seeing one or more of these signs in your business. How do you prepare for rapid scaling? Here are several process and technology tips you can start considering today.

Business processes and teams

1. Consolidate administrative teams to centralize delivery and support of Atlassian products as a service

2. Improve governance and controls for integrations with internal and external systems

3. Create best practices specific to your business and infrastructure that help users get the most benefit out of Jira Software, Confluence and other products with minimal performance and uptime impact

4. Increase allocation of CPU, memory and/or storage to your Atlassian Server deployments

5. Federate multiple instances for scale

6. Set up warm failover so there is a standby deployment in case of any failures

Bonus tip – learn more about Atlassian Data Center

The previous six recommendations will keep up with your teams’ demands for a while, so this gives you some time to decide if you need to do more. What we have seen is that many of our enterprise customers realize that they need to go beyond scaling up a single Atlassian Server deployment. They especially see this in the 500-1000 user tiers for Jira Software, Confluence and Bitbucket. Are you asking any of these questions?

      • How do I deliver constant access i.e. high availability when I only have a single server instance?
      • How do I ensure that users don’t see any deterioration in performance even if the next 100 or 1000 users start using the platform?
      • How do I manage all these users?
      • How do I plan for outages?

If so, we recommend a bonus 7th tip, which is to evaluate Atlassian Data Center to decide if it is right for your company. In addition to the features your teams know and love in your current Atlassian products, the Data Center offerings of these products are expressly built to deliver:

      • High availability via active clustering for always-on systems
      • Performance at large scale with load-balancing
      • Strong admin control and flexibility
      • Disaster recovery

Cerner, the US Department of Defense and technology provider Amadeus faced similar questions and concluded they needed Data Center. What they told us is:

With Jira Software Data Center application response times are faster, CPU utilization has decreased compared to a single server instance, and we haven’t seen a single unplanned outage in 2016, all while scaling Jira Software to thousands of new users. – Brian Wallace, VP, Cerner

Atlassian tools are used by 5000+ employees worldwide and have become key to our teams. We can’t afford downtime or latency so we are moving to Data Center solutions to provide around the clock access without compromising performance. -Frederick Ros, Head of Quality and Lifecycle Management, Amadeus

Atlassian’s Data Center offerings include 6 products – Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Desk, Hipchat and Crowd. So if any of these products are mission-critical for your company, we suggest you check out the Data Center offerings for them.

Get to the next level

That’s it. As a savvy enterprise software or IT leader, look out for tell-tale signs. Then use these tips, including evaluating Atlassian Data Center to prepare for large-scale growth in product usage. That will propel your teams’ collaboration to the next level.

Wondering whether Atlassian Data Center is right for your company?

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