improved blame in FishEye

We’re thrilled to see so many of our customers’ businesses are scaling up with more users being added every day. The more users and groups you have, the more important it is to have a scalable yet simple workflow to set up permissions.

Knowing this, plus aiming for consistency across all Atlassian tools, we’ve embedded Crowd (our single-sign on offering) in Fisheye & Crucible 4.0. Next, we improved the Blame by making it on-demand. Blame information is now showing up only when you ask for it. Pages are also loading faster with the content block more focused on the code than before.

We’re excited about this release and confident you will be too by the time you’re done reading this post.

Easier, faster user management

If you are an admin, the new embedded Crowd will let you to keep users and groups consistent across the Atlassian tool stack with authentication directories and UI screens that match the rest of the products. It also takes away the tedious manual task of adding users, groups and permissions. You no longer need to add them in Fisheye & Crucible manually if they’re already implemented in LDAP or a remote Crowd or Jira Software instance. 

Synchronize those Fisheye & Crucible groups with LDAP and start adding permissions. Lastly, in case you have more than one LDAP, Crowd or Jira server, you need worry no more: Fisheye & Crucible 4.0 is now capable of handling more then one user directory management instance.


Blame on-demand in Fisheye

Blame has turned on-demand and gets populated only upon request. With the Blame column hidden by default, you’ve got more room to view and focus on your source code. This small step toward distraction-free coding also comes with a performance improvement. Pages load much faster with blame details hidden by default.

When you request blame information, we retrieve it from repository indexes right away, or dig it out from the SCM path if it doesn’t exist in the index. Then it’s all cached. So once blame is loaded, hiding and showing it happens instantly for as long as your on that page.


If you  are dealing with heavy instances and a large user base, there are more performance improvements coming your way with this release, too. Expect a much faster instance overall post-upgrade!

Your upgrade awaits you

This release is all about bringing more flexibility and control to our users. Run an upgrade (or get in touch with your friendly neighborhood Atlassian admin) today and start taking advantage of them. 

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Fisheye & Crucible 4.0: improved user management and blame on-demand