借助 Jira 推动工作向前发展

Let Jira connect the dots so every team can plan, collaborate, and deliver work in ways that are right for them



以 Jira 为支柱,各团队之间无缝交接工作,以便所有人都能与更远大的目标保持一致。从模板开始,或构建自定义工作流。


Deliver customer value

Jira Software makes it easy for development teams to ship that great idea. Breakdown and plan work, automate repetitive tasks and connect to every tool you use to build software through our network of 2,000+ integrations. Easily share progress to stakeholders using integrated roadmaps and reporting.

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Design impeccable campaigns

Launch an unforgettable marketing campaign when you prioritize tactics, assign tasks, and easily collaborate with teams across the company in Jira Work Management. Connect to delivery teams in Jira Software to increase cross-functional visibility and meet deadlines.

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Create processes that drive impact

Monitor logistics, craft new processes, and keep your company moving forward with Jira Work Management’s customizable workflows. It’s an all-new way to keep your operations teams in sync. Experiment and improve processes, then scale it to meet your entire organization's needs.

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Jira Work Management


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Jira software

Build it

Break big ideas into actionable chunks with user stories, issues, and tasks. Plan, track, and release world-class software with the development tool trusted by more than 100,000 organizations.

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Jira Work Management

Launch it

Bring products and services to market with intuitive tools that are built for cross-functional collaboration and break down silos - all while moving projects forward.

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Jira Service Management

Support it

Deliver great service experiences so employees and customers get the help they need, fast. Manage requests across IT, HR, Facilities, Finance, and more.

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适合所有团队的 Jira


Jira Work Management



Jira Software



Jira Service Management

ITSM 解决方案可帮助 IT 将开发团队和业务团队聚合在一起,从而快速提供卓越的客户和员工服务体验。

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Systems that break down silos

Jira connects teams to make work a lot less manual

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Automating across Jira products is easy (and dare we say fun?). Pull from a library of no-code rules, or craft your own, to automate repetitive tasks and processes - and get more done in a day.

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Jira products are powered by a shared platform that helps create reports, gather insights, and make data-driven decisions. Spot blockers – and accomplish great work with reporting that spans across teams.

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With Jira as the backbone, work gets handed off seamlessly across teams, keeping people aligned and moving forward. Start with a template or create a custom workflow, and map dependencies across teams.

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250k+ customers worldwide trust Jira

我们的客户如何使用 Jira