From ideas to impact, build what matters

Jira Product Discovery lets product teams capture and prioritize ideas and align everyone with product roadmaps - all in Jira.

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Discover your next great product idea

Better product decisions are made when they’re made as a team.

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Not feeling confident?

Bring structure to chaos

Bring the best ideas to life by gathering data and insights that help your team prioritize what will make the most impact.

Spending too much time updating?

Get everyone on the same page

Spend less time updating and persuading using custom views and roadmaps that give your stakeholders the what, the when, and the why.

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Speaking different languages?

Bridge the gap - in Jira

Bring business and tech teams together by connecting product ideas here to the delivery work happening in Jira.

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Integrated Product Discovery and Delivery

Navigate your way from ideas to product success


Consolidate user feedback and data to form a balanced view for better prioritization discussion and decisions.


Send the most impactful ideas for delivery in Jira Software and keep your product plans in sync as you iterate.

Capture ideas and insights

Product teams - you now have a dedicated home for your work. Gather and organize your product opportunities, user feedback, and feature requests all in one place.

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Jira Product Discovery is helping us do the right things, in the right order, and at the right time, focusing on work that will deliver on benefits

John Sayers

PMO Lead, RenaissanceRe

Improve discoverability of configuration options

Prioritize – your way

Flexible views and granular fields let you compare ideas against one another using the prioritization method that works best for you.

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Up until Jira Product Discovery, even with other roadmapping tools, we've had to use shared spreadsheets and slide presentations to coordinate prioritization in an accessible way. However, within a week of "trying" out JPD it became clear it was the tool to invest in going forward

John Daily Jr

Head of Product, Karhoo

Priority matrix

Engage and align your teams

Create roadmaps tailored to individual stakeholders and let them provide feedback via comments, votes, or simple reactions.

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Jira Product Discovery has revitalized how we think about our roadmap

Adam Chapman

Full Stack Developer,
Apex Networks

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Connect teams, all in Jira

Seamlessly connect your product roadmap and ideas with epics in Jira so teams have context and visibility from discovery through to delivery.

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Jira Product Discovery combines everything I was doing in spreadsheets and Powerpoints into one easy-to-navigate tool. Plus everything is added straight into Jira, instead of requiring some third-party tool to integrate

Abby Kiesling

Product Manager, EZ Texting

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Connect your entire workflow with Jira

Jira brings it all together with dedicated tools for every team.

Jira product discovery workflow diagram
Jira product discovery workflow diagram

Bring your customer data and insights into Jira with strong integrations

Connect the apps and extensions needed to craft your team’s perfect process.

Integrations for every team

Product discovery is a team sport — play it with your favorite tools

Integrate feedback and insights to enrich your discovery game.