Data sheet: Automation in Confluence Data Center

Data sheet: Automation in Confluence Data Center

Executive Summary

There are certain repeatable admin tasks that - when performed at enterprise scale - can be time-intensive and complex. Take the process of re-indexing your instance for example: When something goes wrong, rebuilding your search index can be a major undertaking, especially for instances in self-managed enterprise environments. It's for challenges like this where automation can play a significant role in making you more efficient - and more effective - at your job. This data sheet looks at two of the main ways Confluence Data Center is automating time-intensive admin tasks to win you back valuable time.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn how to:
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Automate any and all manual file handling in the reindexing process

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Significantly reduce the number of steps it takes to reindex your instance

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Setup Synchrony in a much simpler way