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Data Center Migration Essentials

Adam Saint-Prix and Tim Wong, Atlassian 

This session will explore the key steps involved in planning a move to JIRA and Confluence Data Center. We'll walk through and highlight some of the essential planning steps for a successful migration to Atlassian's HA/Clustering Solution. Topics to include a planning framework for migration and a discussion on how to avoid common resource, process, and execution pitfalls.

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About the speakers

Adam Saint-Prix, Technical Account Manager, Atlassian

Adam is a technical account manager at Atlassian, where he helps guide customers on best practices and successful deployment patterns for Atlassian products in the enterprise. He brings over 15 years of experience in financial services, software development, and technical consulting to our Atlassian's enterprise business. He has helped advise, lead, and implement solutions with thousands of Atlassian customers. Adam has held previous roles as a senior consultant for Atlassian products at companies such as Customware, Symantec, The Gap, and BMC Software.

Tim Wong,Technical Account Manager, Atlassian

Tim Wong is a technical account manager that has been with Atlassian for over six years. Prior to working as a TAM, Tim was a senior support engineer. He's worked with some of Atlassian's largest customers, including Blackberry, CSC, Symantec, and Palantir to name a few. He has hands-on experience troubleshooting and providing solutions for some of the largest deployments that Atlassian has seen, and has trained teams both internally and externally on product administration, enterprise deployment, advanced troubleshooting, and implementation of the new Atlassian Data Center product. Ask Tim about his world-famous mojitos.