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Industry Groups at Summit

Atlassian Community is where thousands of users come together to connect globally online and meet locally IRL. No matter the size or industry, there's no shortage of answers, support, or inspiration from Atlassian Community.

At Summit, we're hosting Industry Groups to connect like-minded customers to share ideas and start conversations that can continue throughout the year. Stay tuned for RSVP details.

Industry Groups at Summit

Financial Services

Meet your peers and learn how to modernize your approach to Atlassian tools while adhering to industry regulations.

Life Sciences & Health Care

Troubleshoot technical and regulatory challenges together with teams like yours and learn best practices for your own processes.


Academic institutions like colleges, universities, and even public libraries use Atlassian tools. Share ways you streamline processes to help students and organizations excel.

Information Services

Learn how high-performing teams simplify and manage the delivery of end-to-end services to their customers.

Government & Public Affairs

Learn how other agencies use Atlassian to collaborate on technical projects that span across multiple agencies, teams, and external partners.


Get involved in Atlassian Community

Join local users at an Atlassian Community Event in your city to participate in discussions and network with users in your local community. Can't make it in person? Connect with users online and get answers, product support, and more.

Visit the Community Lounge on the expo floor to learn more about Atlassian Community, and score free swag!

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