Industry Groups at Summit

Atlassian Community is where thousands of users connect globally online and meet locally, IRL. No matter the team or industry, there’s no shortage of answers, support, and inspiration.

Connect with other leaders like yourself at Industry Group Events at Summit, and share new ideas and conversations that continue beyond the conference. RSVP for one of these special focus sessions during registration.

Find your Industry Group

Automotive & Manufacturing

Learn how teams track processes and maintain governance beyond the lifetime of products in an information and process-rich industry.

Financial Services

Discuss challenges that come with security, data protection and locality involved in financial institutions such as banking and insurance.

Government & Public Sector

Meet teams in the public sector and see how they are modernizing their institutions with a focus on data retention, security, and cloud.

Healthcare, Biotech, & Pharma

Learn how other teams navigate complex compliance requirements, manage processes, and handle data retention and protection.

Technology, Software, ITOps

Connect with teams using modern practices around agile at scale, DevOps, and ITSM, and discover how they innovate with Atlassian.

Note: Not for internal development teams.


Get involved in Atlassian Community

Join local users at an Atlassian Community Event in your city to participate in discussions and network with users in your local community. Can't make it in person? Connect with users online and get answers, product support, and more.

Visit the Community Lounge on the expo floor to learn more about Atlassian Community, and score free swag!

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