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CEO Fireside Chat

Great teams need more than just great tools. They need certain principles, patterns, and a culture that facilitates the right kind of collaboration.

In this fireside chat with Atlassian founders and co-CEOs Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes, we get real about what we've learned about building and maintaining successful teams, from diversity to team health to coming together to give back to the community.

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Keynote: Innovation in Team Collaboration

Customers look to Atlassian as their team collaboration innovation partner.

During this keynote, Atlassian co-CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes will be joined by key product leaders to talk about what's new across the Atlassian portfolio to help teams collaborate to create what's next.

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Keynote: The Future of Teamwork in a Services-First World

With the acceleration of cloud adoption, every software company today is fundamentally becoming a service company. This transition involves both a technological shift to microservices and a business model shift to running an always-on service.

During this keynote, Atlassian co-CEO Scott Farquhar and other Atlassian leaders will share insights about the organizational structure, collaboration tools, and people-related practices your teams will need to thrive in a services-first world.

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Scaling Atlassian - What's New in Data Center

Data Center provides administrators with control, customization, performance at scale, and instant scalability when hosting Atlassian applications.

Join us to learn about improvements to Data Center's core technology that allow for smoother upgrades, better user management, and expanded deployment options. Improved reliability and uptime are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Black Belt Tips for JIRA Software

JIRA Software is an extremely flexible and powerful tool, which can be used in a variety of ways. As 9-year Atlassian veterans, we'll outline the innovative ways JIRA Software is being used within Atlassian, and what features our teams find most useful to enhance their processes.

We'll cover practical tips, such as how we run Scrum and Kanban, and how we've customized projects and boards to best plan, track, and ship software with the precision of a black-belt judo master.

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Application Lifecycle Management at Scale

Rockwell Collins is an aerospace engineering organization developing safety critical systems for aircraft flight decks and communications. Our regulatory processes require unique tool solutions for configuration control, traceability, and quality oversight.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a highly integrated engineering tool platform built upon Atlassian products, vendor plugins, and internally developed plugins like Auto-Issues-Creation, project defined custom fields, quality assurance metrics and many more. We support 7,000+ engineers with common workflows, training, and customer support.

It might be easier for organizations like Rockwell Collins to remain in legacy tools, but the benefits with ALM for collaborative design and development are overwhelming. I will describe the unique needs we have addressed, the challenges we faced, and the benefits our engineering teams are enjoying.

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DevTools at Netflix: Culture, Speed & Innovation

Every day Netflix streams 125 million hours of video to 80 million subscribers in 130 countries. Delivering new features daily at a global scale requires an engineering-oriented culture that moves fast and innovates faster.

The developer tools team at Netflix faces unique technical and cultural challenges deploying tools designed for a wide audience to teams with very specific needs.

In this talk we’ll explore:

  • The forces that drive a centralized team in a decentralized organization.
  • The diverse needs of our very technical user base.
  • The pace of innovation and the ever-constant need for change.
  • The complexities of support and automation that facilitates the process.

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Self-Serve Marketing at VMware with Request Portals

The digital marketing organization at VMware recently transformed the way it does business by migrating to a new tracking tool for all incoming requests. The team is responsible for all of, which is available in 13 languages, 40 countries, and produces over 20K unique pageviews in addition to other microsites. These sites support over 6 million unique monthly visitors worldwide, so it was no small task to make this change. The team chose JIRA Service Desk Cloud with Service Desk to fill the need.

Digital Marketing supports the entire marketing organization of 600 people. By providing a simple self-serve submission method, automatic routing, and clear channels of communication the team was able to increase their capacity by 450% (from 100 to 900 monthly requests) and decrease their SLAs by 58% (shaving off 4 days). Both huge wins!

Learn how spending less time managing requests helped us focus more on marketing personalization, dynamic content, and campaigns that directly impact the sales pipeline.

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Designing Teams - How Building a Great Workspace is Like Building Great Software

Great software is built with a manifesto, an iterative process, and places customers at the highest priority. Why should the design and build of a workspace be any different?

At Atlassian, we've been focussing heavily on the design of our workspaces to create flexible, engaging, delightful, and yes productive places for our teams to work in. After all, you can't take creative people, stick them in a sterile, uninspiring environment, and expect them to achieve the best work of their lives.

It's about a lot more than foosball tables, beanbag chairs, and whiteboards. We think what we've learned can be applied anywhere from a freelancer's home office to entire office buildings. As our organisation has evolved from its engineering roots to incorporate a large design team, so have the needs of our workspace to help us work together as teams.

Hear Alastair Simpson and Robyn Dunn talk about how the Workplace Experience team at Atlassian partnered with their own internal customers to build workspaces in an agile way that is reflective of our modern workforce. Applying design thinking and user experience principles, they have successfully shaped creative workspaces that have scaled with the changing needs of their teams. Come and hear what they've learned (and some hilarious mistakes they've made along the way) about the benefits of creating better workplace environments through thoughtful design to help teams become more productive.

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