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The me in team


Drawing on the strengths of the individual to unleash the power of teams

There's no I in TEAM, but there is a ME. Good teams are made up of individuals with distinct strengths that collectively drive teamwork forward.

Tips to bring your personal best to the table
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Make time for deep work

Carve out uninterrupted time to get in the zone. This is harder than you might think.

On average, workers spend:
Meeting strategies can help you help your team
Deep work statistic
Meeting tips statistic
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Teamwork tips

Deep work formula

It’s simple math

(Time) x (Intensity of Focus)

= Quality Work Produced

It's known as "deep work."

Individual productivity tip

Block off time

Section off calendar time for deep work, and protect it.

Personal productivity tip

Know where you work best

76% of people

avoid the office when they need to get important work done.

Just say NO (to time-sucks)

Checking email and attending meetings is part of being an engaged team member, but

These activities are eating up too much time:
Teamwork tips include the use of devices
Statistics about individual productivity

Teamwork tips

Personal productivity tip

Designate “email windows”

3x daily

to alleviate stress and maximize personal productivity.

Teamwork strategies include collaboration software

Use collaboration software

$3.7 billion

in salary costs is spent on unnecessary meetings.
Invest in technology to avoid meeting overload.

Be present with your team

Meetings aren’t the enemy. They can be valuable forums for teams to build off the collective genius. Problem is,

People are too distracted during meetings:
Meeting strategies

Teamwork tips

Meeting tips statistic

Close your laptop


more mistakes are made when people have devices in front of them during a meeting.

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Opt for video

4% vs. 57%

4% multitask on video calls vs. 57% on phone calls. If you must work remotely, choose video.

People high-five

Show up in person


of messages are received via body language.

There’s something in it for you

It's not just about team productivity. Being a focused, engaged, and contributing team member is also

Good for your career:
Productivity tips to help bring your individual strengths to your team

At Atlassian, we believe it’s the combination of every individual’s unique skills that makes teams truly great.

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