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The Atlassian Foundation gives back in many ways – by giving Atlassians time to support the causes they believe in, by donating licenses to nonprofit projects, and by donating money to charities.

    The Atlassian Foundation model

  • Annual profit donated to charities
  • Employee time dedicated to Foundation Projects
  • Company equity donated to the Foundation
Community Licenses Donated


Value of licenses donated

$58,000,000 USD

Total Donated to Charity

$5,100,000 USD


The Atlassian Foundation's vision is to advance humanity through the power of software and education. At Atlassian we believe you should be the change you seek, and that's why every full-time employee gets five days paid leave to work for their favorite nonprofit.


Foundation projects


Room to Read

Through the sale of Atlassian's $10 starter licenses, the Atlassian Foundation and Room to Read are ensuring that over 250,000 children have access to quality educational opportunities. Atlassian's donations have established 277 libraries, constructed or renovated 13 schools, published 18 new local language children's titles, and supported 1,840 young women towards completion of secondary school, giving them the support they need to succeed.

Atlassian was also instrumental in Room to Read's launch of a new, in-classroom Reading and Writing Instruction program in Cambodia to help young children become independent readers.

Atlassian is Room to Read's largest funder in Cambodia.

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Additional projects

  • Room to Read

    Money donated
  • Cambodian Children's Trust

    Money Donated
  • San Francisco Education Grants

    Money Donated
  • Students Rising Above

    Time Donated
    210 hours
  • Social Ventures Australia (SVA)

    Money Donated
  • Double donation matching in May

    Money donated
  • Conservation Volunteers Australia

    Time Donated
    637 hours
  • Junior Achievement

    Time Donated
    130 hours
  • Habitat for Humanity

    Time Donated
    368 hours
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