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The Atlassian Team Tour

Our mission is to help every team – from startup to enterprise, HR to design, and everything between – unleash their full potential. At Atlassian, we’re constantly looking for fun ways to meet our customers face-to-face to hear their stories and share new ways we’re helping teams work better together.

We’re excited to announce the first-ever, Atlassian Team Tour! A new event that brings the latest in product announcements and team practices to your city. Read on for more details.

What will Team Tour cover?

Our 10-stop tour around the world features two legs, each with a different program.

What can you expect?

How can you attend?

Just what we were hoping you’d ask! To see the complete list of stops, click the big green button below. And make sure to check back for updates on agendas, speakers, and session announcements. See you on the road!

Atlassian Team Tour 2018