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Atlas Camp Opening Keynote

Join us as we kick off Atlas Camp 2019 with Martin Suntinger, Head of Ecosystem, and Mike Tria, Head of Developer Platform Engineering. Discover what’s new from the Atlassian developer platform and what you can expect to see soon!

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Welcome to Forge

Join us on Day Two for a very special Atlas Camp exclusive. Join Principal Product Manager Joël Kalmanowicz and Engineering Lead Tim Pettersen for a sneak peek of something new we’ve been working on.

After the session, Atlas Camp attendees will be invited to take part in a hands-on preview of some new features for our ecosystem developer platform.

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Integration Testing on Steroids: Run Your Tests on the Real Things

At AtlasCamp 2018, Jon Mort and Mark Gibson from Adaptavist gave a presentation about how they brought Arquillian into the Atlassian SDK.

In this talk, Jörg Brandstätt from Resolution will help you to put their learnings into practice and take your tests to the next level. He will also share how Resolution is using this approach to test some of the Top 30 Server & Data Center apps.

The session covers how you can run your test code on remote Server and Data Center instances with different databases ad-hoc from within your IDE and during the build process, and provide detailed information about how to set up Maven to execute your tests within your Bitbucket build pipelines.

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Declaring Server App Components in Pure Java

Today, server app developers declare their components using a mixture of technologies that includes atlassian-plugin.xml, Spring XML files, and Spring Scanner. This fragmented approach comes with its own learning curve and an array of pitfalls.

In this talk, Andrew Swan from Atlassian's Server Java Platform team will describe how server app developers can declare their Spring components in pure Java code. This approach is cleaner, more powerful, more flexible, easier to reason about, and more industry-standard. Attendees will also learn about a new Atlassian library that facilitates this approach by providing easy importing and exporting of OSGi services.

Attendees will come away being immediately able to start using Java-based configuration in their server apps. Links to documentation and working sample code will be provided.

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Expand Your App's Global Potential With Internationalization

Is your app used by customers around the world? Are you keen to provide a delightful customer experience to all your customers? Internationalization is an essential part of software development that unlocks global potential and ensures your customers have a great experience regardless of their location. Join Melanie Heighway, Senior Product Localization Manager at Atlassian, and take a deep dive into the world of internationalization and learn how internationalization can be incorporated into your development process to ultimately delight all your customers globally.

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The Road(map) to Las Vegas - The Story of an Emerging Self-Managed Team

In September 2018, K15t took its mission to go self-managed to the next-level when the entire company worked together to decide on the Next Big Thing™ to build for Atlassian users and present it at Summit in Las Vegas.

In this session, Anshuman Dash, an intern turned software engineer, turned product manager, shares his journey of professional self-discovery. In under five months, he joins a freshly assembled, self-managed team in building a new Atlassian Marketplace app.

Dash will give a quick intro to what it means for a team to be self-managed. Then, he'll share his observations and experiences on the team, as well as the best-practices, patterns, and processes K15t has discovered along the way.

Whether you are a new team with a kick-ass product idea or a big company figuring out ways to scale, this talk will provide you with practical tips and ideas your team can try out!

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Design Your Next App with the Atlassian Vendor Sketch Plugin

Our designers work 💎 3x quicker 💎 with the Atlassian Vendor Sketch Plugin — and now we’re unleashing these superpowers to the Atlassian Ecosystem. If you mockup screens for code or marketing, we’ll help you drag and drop your way to an Atlaskit design in less than 10 minutes. And if you’re a designer, you’ll want to hear about our pixel-perfect component library and suite of seamless Sketch integrations.

Join Atlassian’s resident Sketch aficionado, Huw Evans, to learn about:

🎨 Sketch Components: If it’s in Atlaskit, it’s now in Sketch. And introducing the Symbol Palette, the quickest way to find the right component for the job.

🖼 Product Templates: Spark inspiration by building your designs inside realistic screens from Jira & Confluence — or craft hero images for your Marketplace listing!

🖍 Color and Text Styles: Heard of N75? H400? If those mean nothing to you, we’ll run through how to make your users feel at home by using Atlassian colors & typography, right inside Sketch.

📇 Data Suppliers: Say goodbye to Lorem Ipsum. Learn how to use Sketch Data Suppliers to generate realistic copy using live data from Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket. Bonus: How we used AI to create people who don’t exist!

🙋‍♀️ It's All Open Source: How we made it really easy to customise the Atlassian Vendor Sketch Plugin for your team's needs.

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Nailing Measurement: a Framework for Measuring Metrics that Matter

When it comes to designing apps and new features, we just can't get enough of metrics. In an age where we can collect data from almost anything, how can we cut through the noise and focus on the right metrics to measure the success and failures of the apps that we’re building?

Join Atlassian Product Manager Josephine Lee as she delves through what exactly makes a good metric. Throughout the talk, we’ll walk through real Atlassian examples of good and bad metrics. By exploring a framework for measurement, we’ll cover detailed features that showcase how best to measure and choose the right set of success, supportive, and counter metrics.

You'll walk away with tips and learnings from Atlassian’s approach to measuring success, and learn how to use data and metrics to inspire action in your apps.

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Preparing for Data Residency and Custom Domains

Atlassian customers have long requested the ability to control where they host their content in Atlassian Cloud. They’ve also long desired the ability to configure their cloud products to be accessible via a custom domain. These features are coming soon to Jira and Confluence Cloud! What will this mean for Marketplace app developers?

Join Nuwan Ginige, Principal Product Manager on the Cloud Platform team, as he walks through how the evolution of Atlassian’s cloud platform has shaped the development of these capabilities. Learn how these changes will impact Marketplace apps, and how you can get involved in app vendor early access progress before general availability.

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Discover the Possibilities of the Jira Cloud Asset API

With the new assets management API for Jira Cloud, developers can bring a lot more context into Jira to create a faster and more powerful issue resolution experience.

Join Andrea, a developer on Jira Service Desk, as she gives a holistic overview of asset management in Jira Cloud. We’ll step through an ideal end-to-end user experience from help seekers raising a request for their laptop, to an agent resolution. In this talk, you’ll learn what powers these experiences and exactly how to create them using the Jira Cloud Assets API and integration points.

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