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Design Your Next App with the Atlassian Vendor Sketch Plugin

Our designers work 💎 3x quicker 💎 with the Atlassian Vendor Sketch Plugin — and now we’re unleashing these superpowers to the Atlassian Ecosystem. If you mockup screens for code or marketing, we’ll help you drag and drop your way to an Atlaskit design in less than 10 minutes. And if you’re a designer, you’ll want to hear about our pixel-perfect component library and suite of seamless Sketch integrations.

Join Atlassian’s resident Sketch aficionado, Huw Evans, to learn about:

🎨 Sketch Components: If it’s in Atlaskit, it’s now in Sketch. And introducing the Symbol Palette, the quickest way to find the right component for the job.

🖼 Product Templates: Spark inspiration by building your designs inside realistic screens from Jira & Confluence — or craft hero images for your Marketplace listing!

🖍 Color and Text Styles: Heard of N75? H400? If those mean nothing to you, we’ll run through how to make your users feel at home by using Atlassian colors & typography, right inside Sketch.

📇 Data Suppliers: Say goodbye to Lorem Ipsum. Learn how to use Sketch Data Suppliers to generate realistic copy using live data from Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket. Bonus: How we used AI to create people who don’t exist!

🙋‍♀️ It's All Open Source: How we made it really easy to customise the Atlassian Vendor Sketch Plugin for your team's needs.

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Creating Inclusive Experiences: Balancing Personality and Accessibility in UX Copy

The words we choose have the power to include or alienate our users. The reality is that for many, English is spoken as a second language. And unless you're going to localize your product for those major non-English speaking markets, you'll need to thoughtfully create content that is accessible to a larger audience.

But how do we create products that maintain a sense of personality without isolating a wide audience of non-native speakers?

Join Atlassian Content Designer, Roana Bilia, as she walks you through why thoughtful, inclusive content, is key to creating well-designed user experiences. You'll walk away with foundational principles for good UX copy when optimizing your product UI, a few quick wins that you as creators and developers can incorporate into your next products, as well as a set of mistakes to avoid that companies—including Atlassian—have made, which prioritized native speakers but isolated non-native speakers.

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Nailing Measurement: a Framework for Measuring Metrics that Matter

When it comes to designing apps and new features, we just can't get enough of metrics. In an age where we can collect data from almost anything, how can we cut through the noise and focus on the right metrics to measure the success and failures of the apps that we’re building?

Join Atlassian Product Manager Josephine Lee as she delves through what exactly makes a good metric. Throughout the talk, we’ll walk through real Atlassian examples of good and bad metrics. By exploring a framework for measurement, we’ll cover detailed features that showcase how best to measure and choose the right set of success, supportive, and counter metrics.

You'll walk away with tips and learnings from Atlassian’s approach to measuring success, and learn how to use data and metrics to inspire action in your apps.

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5 Design Principles for a Winning App - a Crash Course in Design

So you're building an app, but you've never designed anything before. What do you do? Are there any guardrails or principles you can build on top of?

Join Senior Designer Allard van Helbergen as he highlights 5 design principles that every app developer and designer should know about.

In this talk, he'll explore the role of shape, proximity, visual hierarchy, and color theory in creating a successful app design. He'll break down the problems that give rise to these principles to show how you can solve these problems in your own app's UI.

By the end of this talk, you'll walk away with an understanding of how to apply these 5 design principles to your app designs and any other digital work.

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Building Apps With Color Blind Users in Mind

Color-blind people are using your apps. 1 in 12 men is color blind. And for women, this is 1 in 200.

Building apps that work well for color blind people is not difficult. Some simple techniques help us with the design of our interface. And some tools help us see what color blind people see.

In this talk, Maarten Arts of Avisi will look at common varieties of color blindness. We will look at apps through the eyes of a color-blind person. And we will discover what color-blind people struggle with.

Regardless of whether you're a designer or developer, this talk will equip you with the skills and the tools you need to make sure that your app works for color-blind people.

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Tear Up Your Roadmap and Get Out of the Building

You’d never knowingly ship something to your customers that didn’t deliver value, would you? Would you still stand your ground if you were under pressure to get a team of developers working on something?

You probably know that one of Atlassian’s most well-known values is “Don’t f*** the customer”, so learn what happened when a lean product team decided to tear up the roadmap because they were brave enough to admit they didn’t understand their customers well enough.

Join Janel Blattler, as she shares how her team used research to unveil a new plan in just a few weeks. You’ll be able to practice some techniques and walk away with a bucket load of inspiration.

Come along if you’d like to run research, but worry that you don’t have enough time or lack the skills to do so – you don’t need to be a researcher on your team. This session is for you if you’re looking for ways to drive customer empathy closer in the team, or you’d like to up your game and discover some new techniques for delivering lean research with actionable insights.

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