ASB-114 Scaling Jira

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All applications have bottlenecks in how they operate, and the bottlenecks often restrict how the application can grow. Understanding the most common ones will help a JIRA administrator to solve immediate problems and also plan for future growth of their JIRA instances.

This Skill Builder will be useful for Jira system administrators, and Jira administrators working on either Cloud or Server implementations, although some scaling techniques are specific to Jira Server or Data Center.  

Follow the webinar by doing the hands-on homework, then take the Skills Badge Assessment to earn your Badge.

Plan for a half-day to take the recorded training, do the associated homework assignment and take the online assessment. 

Your Badge will extend the active period of all related Certifications by 18 months from the date the Badge is earned.

Skills Badge Details

Step 1: Skill Builder Webinar
  • The free Skill Builder webinar is mandatory.  You must watch it to earn the Badge.
  • We recommend downloading the Webinar Slides and Notes provided with the course, and supplementing them with your own note-taking during the Skill Builder training.
  • Review the notes carefully and do the homework assignment before taking the assessment to maximize your chance of success.
  • Watch the Skill Builder
  • You're eligible to take the assessment if you have a related ACP certification.
  • You can take the Skills Badge online assessment any time after completing the Skill Builder recorded training.
  • The assessment is non-proctored, you can take it from your home or office.
Exam Number



Non-proctored online at your own location

Product versions

Jira 7

Registration Availability



USD $75

Exam Time

90 minutes

Pass Score

Webinar attendance + 15/21 on the quiz.




Timing your Badge

Plan your Badge activities carefully with these considerations:

  • Your Badge will extend only Certifications you already hold.
  • Your Badge extends your related Certifications by 18 months from the Badge earned date, providing you earn it before the Suspension Date of your Certifications.
  • You can still earn a Badge during the 90-day Suspension period.
  • After the Suspension period ends and your Certification expires, you can no longer extend it with a Badge. 
  • Your Badge will be active as long as you hold a related ACP Certification.

Take the assessment online


Step 1:  Register for the assessment

  • Log in to the Certification Portal.
  • Click Schedule and Take Exams with Kryterion to go to the Kryterion testing site.
  • Select and register for the Non-Proctored Badge Assessment.

Step 2:  Take the assessment

  • After you've registered, the Kryterion home page will display a Launch button. 
  • Click the button to take the assessment at any time.

Step 3: Wait for your results

  • You'll get a preliminary result showing your score on the quiz segment.
  • In order to earn your Badge, you must ALSO have watched the Webinar.
  • Atlassian will verify your Webinar attendance and release your official score within 1-3 business days.
  • If you did not pass, you'll receive a voucher to retake the assessment at a discount.