ACB-110 Advanced JIRA Workflows

Atlassian Certified Badge | Scrum masters / project leads | JIRA / JIRA Software

Once you're an ACP, you're part of an elite group eligible to earn related Atlassian Badges. Atlassian Badges help you expand and sharpen your knowledge of Atlassian products and extend your underlying Certification. 

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Description of Exam Audience
  • You have a related ACP certification (JIRA Administrator, JIRA Service Desk Administrator, Agile Development with JIRA Software).
  • You have a deep understanding of JIRA workflows.
  • You understand how workflow design can affect the performance and scalability of JIRA.
  • You know how to support your team in implementing best practices for JIRA workflows. 
  • You can implement workflows to meet the needs of any type of development or business team.
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Proctored online at your own location

Product versions

JIRA 6.4, JIRA 7

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Beta testing Oct-Nov 2016, General Availability TBD


Beta USD $75

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Exam Topics


You'll need hands-on experience with JIRA workflows to pass the exam.

If you're just getting started, training courses from Atlassian are an excellent way to begin. The shown Atlassian University course provides the foundation for JIRA Workflow administration. 

We also recommend you review the product documentation as you prepare.

Prerequisite: You must hold a JIRA-related Atlassian Certified Professional (ACP) to be eligible for the Advanced JIRA Workflows Badge.