1. Quick Create & Edit

New Dialog Box

Create new issues and edit existing ones faster than ever with the new Create and Edit Issue dialogs.


Configurable Fields

Control the fields displayed in the dialog by clicking 'Configure' in the top-right.


Rapid Issue Creation

Check the 'Create another' box to rapidly create multiple issues from the same dialog.

2. Sharing & Mentions

Share Issues

Tired of copying and pasting issue links into emails? The new Share button lets you quickly send an issue to another user or email address.


@mention Co-workers

@mentions are a great way to notify other users about issues they should know about. Just enter the @ symbol and start typing a users' name.


Extend Activity Streams

Shares and @mentions show up in activity streams, keeping Project pages and Dashboards the hub for your team.

3. Search Change History

Changed Operator

Search for anything that has changed, or specify from, to, on, during, before, after, or by user.

Tons of New Information

The new operators work for the fields:

  • Status
  • Assignee
  • Priority
  • Reporter
  • Resolution
  • Fix Version

Now get started with JIRA!