1. Follow from branch to deployment

With JIRA 6.2 everyone can follow the flow of the code. With instant insight, understanding development status has never been easier.

  • Create and see the branches of source code related to the current JIRA issue
  • Let JIRA track build and deployment status for those validating changes
  • Never compromise the speed of development, because everyone understands the team's status

2. Ship with confidence


Getting up to speed on a new issue is now just a click away


  • Get full issue and development details for code reviews
  • Easily see key participants involved in the full issue lifecycle
  • Understand the build and deployment status of each issue while testing

3. See status clearly

New status indicators make status clearer than ever

  • Text-based status lozenges quickly indicate the next action required.
  • Three primary colors highlight the phase of work (To do, In progress, and Done)
  • Scannable sets of issues show status in aggregate


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