1. Design workflows

Use the leading HTML5 workflow editor

JIRA 6.1 comes with an all new, modern workflow editor

  • Maximize workspace with a new editor that loads quickly and works in full screen
  • Display quality workflow diagrams that can be easily shared with the team
  • Create transitions between statuses cleanly with our new drag-and-drop design


2. Add fields

Need to track additional data?

JIRA 6.1 makes adding and working with issue fields easy

  • Capture details as they happen with JIRA 6.1
  • Add additional fields to the current issue with an all new step-by-step wizard
  • Configure the columns on display; search results quickly and easily

3. Get coding

Start work faster than ever

JIRA 6.1 integrates with source control to make starting development quick

  • Start a feature branch in Stash or Bitbucket from inside JIRA
  • Pre-populate the feature branch with the JIRA issue key and subject
  • Track development work more easily with consistent branch names



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