1. Working with Files

Presentation mode for files

Switch to full screen presentation mode from a file preview. If the file has multiple pages, use the up and down keys on your keyboard to navigate to the next page or slide in the file.

File previews from the Attachments macro

Click the new Preview button to expand any file in a file list. It's now really easy to browse through your files to make sure you have the right one.

Recover files from the trash

When you delete a file that is attached to a page, it's now sent to the trash where Space Admins can recover them, eliminating confusion from old unnecessary attachments.

2. Working with Tables

Sticky table headers

Having trouble reading through really long tables? Sticky table headers stay put as you scroll down the page no matter how long your table is.

Automatic row-numbering

Add numbers to your rows, by clicking the 'tools' icon in the table toolbar. The numbers will even automatically update when you add and paste new rows into your table.

Cut, copy, and paste columns

You've always been able to cut, copy, and paste rows – now you can do the same for columns, making it even easier to manage your tables.

3. Reporting Macros

Plan your roadmaps by month or week

Display your roadmaps and project timelines in weeks or months in the Roadmap Planner macro.

Content by Label improvements

The Content by Label macro surfaces related pages based on labels, and now you have more control over which pages show up. Choose pages from a particular page tree, based on text in the title or page, or a combination of labels.

Page Properties Report macro improvements

Summarize information from multiple pages onto one index page using the Page Properties macro. Now, you have more control over which pages and fields show up in your report.

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