1. Task Management

Stay accountable with due dates

Add in-line tasks to any Confluence page, complete with assignee and due date. Always keep your tasks and work in one place, not two.

Better visibility with new tasks view

Track all of the tasks assigned to you, and those that you've assigned to others. Maintain a single view of all the tasks that matter to you.

2. Task Reporting

Task Report Blueprint

Create custom task reports that show the tasks for your team or your projects. Make it easy to communicate the progress of your team or projects progress.

Task Report Macro

Add a detailed task report to any page in Confluence with the new task report macro. Quickly see your tasks from any page, space, or user in Confluence.

3. Small Improvements

Move blog posts

You can now move individual blog posts between spaces just like you can move a page in case you accidentally created a blog post in the wrong space.

Mentions now even easier

The @mentions autocomplete dialog now recognizes usernames and helps you distinguish between people with the same name.

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