1. Visual Page Layouts

Find Page Layouts in the Editor Toolbar

Page Layouts are a great way of creating a common page structure. Click on the 'Page Layout' button in the editor toolbar to view a set of ´╗┐predefined layouts.


Apply a Layout to Your Page

Click on a layout to apply it to your page. Start adding content to each section and navigate between sections by pressing 'Tab'.


Change Your Layout at Anytime

Can't make up your mind? No sweat – change layouts as often as you like. Just select a new one from the editor tool bar.

2. Comments & Likes

Add Comments, Quickly

Commenting is now a whole lost faster. Whether you're adding a new comment or replying to an existing one watch the editor appear, instantly.


Give Content the Thumbs Up

Similar to Facebook, Confluence 'Likes' give pages, blogs, and comments your stamp of approval with a single click.


Drive What's 'Popular'

The combination of 'Comments' and 'Likes' drive what's 'Popular' in Confluence. Click next to find out more...

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