2. Image Effects

Apply Professional Effects

Creating content that looks good has never been this easy. Click an image and choose from a set of professional effects.

Perfect for...

Screenshots in your release notes, snaps from a company event, or mugshots of your team. Image Effects makes everyone look like an editing pro.

Don't forget...

It's easy to insert images into your pages – just copy and paste them straight into the editor. Click on an image to change its size, apply an effect, or link it to other content.

3. Editor Enhancements

Find and Replace in Pages

Find and Replace makes it easy to jump to a section of a document and update a term or phrase that's used multiple times in a page.

Table Editing Improvements

It's much easier to copy and paste multiple table rows or entire tables within a page, across pages, or even from other sources like HTML tables on the web.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Share Pages: Press 'S'
2. Add New Table Rows: Press 'ALT + UP/DOWN ARROW'
3. Find and Replace: Press 'COMMAND/CONTROL + F'

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