1. Share & Discover

New 'Share' Button

Tired of copying and pasting Confluence links into emails? The new Share button lets you quickly share any page or blog post with other users.


Autowatch Content

A new user setting allows automatic watching of any content you create, edit or comment on. Autowatch ensures you are always kept in the loop.


Flexible Email Notifications

Choose to receive email notifications for all new blog posts in a particular space. Stop watching content in a single-click from any email notification.

2. Embed Media & Code

Extended Drag and Drop Support

Drag and Drop for attaching and embedding files now works in the latest versions of major browsers – Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.


Share Code Snippets

The Code Macro now supports over 20 languages including Ruby and Python. Display code with syntax highlighting, line numbers, and themes for styling.


Embed Audio & Video

The Multimedia Macro lets you embed audio and video files – Flash, MOV, MP3, and more – into pages and blogs for playback. Try embedding a video using Drag-and-Drop.

3. Better JIRA Integration

Create JIRA Issues

Quickly create new JIRA issues from the Confluence editor with the new 'Insert JIRA Issue' dialog – just type 'Control+Shift+J' to launch the dialog.


Insert JIRA Issues

You can also insert links to recently viewed issues or perform a search –simple or JQL – to find issues to embed in pages and blog posts.


Report on Issue Status

Embedded issues display key details including, 'Key', 'Type', 'Summary', and 'Status' making it quick and easy to generate ad-hoc reports.

Learn how to use these new features by referring to our product release notes.

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