Share more knowledge with Q&A

It's harder than it should be to get answers to your questions at work. Give people a way to ask questions within their teams or of anyone in the entire organization.

Ask questions, crowdsource answers

Ask questions

When you can't find the information you need to get work done, it's easy to ask.

Crowdsource answers

Harness the power of the crowd to find answers you need quickly – the best answers rise to the top through voting.

Find information

Stop asking the same questions - the collective knowledge of your whole organization is at your fingertips. Whether it's in a page, blog or a question, you can find it in Confluence.

Identify experts

You'll be surprised at how people will participate to earn points and climb the leaderboard. Top contributors achieve expert status.

Find Information and Identify Experts
Organize by topic, grow your knowledge

Organize by topic

Topics keep questions organized and easy to find. You can browse and follow topics of interest to learn more, and find the top experts for any given subject.

Grow your knowledge

Use statistics to check the health of Q&A in your organization. Get the data you need and experiment with tactics to keep participation high.

Questions live next to your work in Confluence

The questions and answers you care about live alongside the Confluence pages that matter to you so everything topical is in one place. Drop a list of popular questions onto any page to create a dynamic FAQ. Let the community determine knowledge gaps and fill them with Q&A.