Plan roadmaps, define product requirements, and centralize documentation

Bring transparency to project management

Confluence gives your entire team access to the ideas, requirements, customer insights, designs and documentation needed to execute your project.

Make a plan

Start with a planning page that gives your team the background, scope and status of your project.

Define product requirements

Document, discuss, and track product requirements so your developers can hit the ground running.

Turn requirements into JIRA issues

Turn the user stories you craft in Confluence into JIRA backlog items, without having to switch apps.

Facilitate traceability

Requirements and retrospectives in Confluence automatically link to your issues, epics, and sprints in JIRA.

Get feedback fast

Share ideas and designs, get pinpointed feedback, and iterate quickly. Confluence keeps track of each version of pages and files so you can revisit if necessary.

Extend Confluence with add-ons

Draw diagrams and flow charts with Gliffy, sketch wireframes with Balsamiq, all without leaving Confluence. Fill any niche need with add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Share plans and results with everyone

Confluence helps you collect, organize and communicate what your team is working on with the rest of your company.

Sketch roadmaps

Quickly and easily sketch roadmaps to help visualize your plans and build a shared understanding.

JIRA Reports

Communicate project status and changes between releases to the rest of the business in Confluence with JIRA reports.

Team Calendars

Surface everything your dev team is working on in JIRA – issues, sprints, versions – with Confluence Team Calendars.

Share news and ideas

Share updates on your team's internal blog. Inspire new ideas and track competition with shared links.